Obama’s #MLKMemorial speech a call for persistence, but also patience

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The president dedicated the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on the National Mall today — an historic, goose pimple inducing prospect if you think about it; the nation’s first black president dedicating a memorial to the only non-president and first black person to be honored on the National Mall. But it was how he did it that struck me.

The speech was about King, of course, and about the civil rights movement and its achievements — in some cases, unfinished achievements. But it was also a pretty straightforward message to those who bought into Obama’s messages of national unity (2004) and hope and change (2008); be persistent, like King was persistent, but also recognize that change isn’t quick or easy, and that sometimes, the change agent takes brickbats from his own, because sometimes, his own lack patience.

My write-up on the speech at TheGrio can be found here. The full transcript of the speech can be read here. And later this afternoon, I’ll link to a fabulous piece on the historic King by Professor Blair Kelley.

Good stuff coming your way.

Happy Sunday.

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One Response to Obama’s #MLKMemorial speech a call for persistence, but also patience

  1. j says:

    I just read that Obama could not be bought, so Wall Street, who do not want to be regulated, do not want the consumer protection agency and do not want taxes have showered Romney with money.
    Romney is now being called the king of wall street!

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