#OccupyAmerica isn’t going away

And police and other authorities had better figure out a way to deal with it. My fellow members of the media (including myself) too…

The “sucker punch heard round the world” gets a full report in the New York Daily News.

And while Herman Cain opines about the protesters just wanting a handout, it turns out there is someone in this drama who wanted — and got — said handout (besides the Wall Street banks): the owners of the private park where the protests began. From the NYDN:

The owners of Zuccotti Park – Occupy Wall Street’s home base – have pocketed nearly $700,000 in government handouts since the 9/11 terror attacks.

Brookfield Properties has received at least three six-figure grants meant for small businesses hurt by 9/11, even though it’s an $8 billion company with 2,500 employees, records show.

Brookfield got the money because the state agency that doled out the cash treated one of the huge company’s small affiliates as an entity unto itself – effectively turning it into a small business to make it eligible.

Usually, when the government hands out small business grants, it looks at the financial condition of an entire company – not just a single affiliate – to measure a company’s overall needs.

The Empire State Development Corp. treated affiliates as individual companies, qualifying a Brookfield affiliate, Brookfield Properties LLC, which accounted for only a small percentage of the company’s payroll with 70 to 82 workers.

Brookfield’s parent company owns and manages seven major office buildings around lower Manhattan with 12.8 million square feet of office space, including the World Financial Center, which was heavily damaged in the attacks.

So … it would have been kind of ironic if this heavily subsidized entity had gone through with its threat to evict the occupy protesters via power washing. Given the way this thing is accelerating, it’s not surprising the park owners and the city backed down.

The protesters at the Occupy events often chant “the world is watching…” and they’re right.

Meanwhile, the Nation offers images from nine “occupied” cities.

And from John Nichols: the 99 percent rise up.

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