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The GOP’s strange platform: ignore the first responders, cut off student loans

If it’s Sunday, it’s another day for strange goings on in the Republican Party, which is hardening into a wizened rump party that stands for booing soldiers, cheering the imminent death of the uninsured, defending Wall Street and the rich, … Continue reading

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In the end, Gaddafi begged for his life

The Guardian has some of the most vivid detail to date, on the ignominious end of Libya’s 40-year dictator.

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**UPDATED: Republicans block teacher, first responder jobs bill with help from 2 Dems, Lieberman

In the end, two Democrats and Joe Lieberman voted with Republicans to filibuster a bite sized version of President Obama’s jobs bill.

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Sorry, Marco: Gaddafi drone-bombed from Las Vegas, not Paris

Marco Rubio and his fellow Republicans are loathe to give the Obama administration any credit for their third major ‘retiring’ of a major league terror threat. (Anwar al-Awlaki and Osama bin Laden having been thing one and thing two.) But … Continue reading

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Sullivan: ‘If Obama was a Republican, he’d be on Mt. Rushmore’

No truer words.

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So… about Marco Rubio’s compelling exile story …

When he’s not giving the French and the British credit for NATO military accomplishments that couldn’t have been achieved without the U.S. military, or wowing crowds of adoring conservatives, Marco Rubio can sometimes be found telling the heartwarming story of … Continue reading

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Mitt, interrupted

At the CNN debate in Nevada, things just got out of hand. First, Rick Santorum interrupts Romney when he’s trying to wriggle out of his past support for spreading Romneycare far and wide… And then, Rick Perry won’t let Romney … Continue reading

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Herman Cain’s 999 problems

In the CNN Nevada debate, the “issues” with 9-9-9, which have been bubbling up on conservative blogs, get a full-on filleting, courtesy of Rick Perry (who insists on repeatedly calling Cain “brother…”) Ron Paul, and a bushel full from Mitt … Continue reading

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(Video) Rick Perry’s new anti-Romney ad is … well … actually quite good

Rick Perry hits Mitt Romney on “Romneycare”, on flip-floppery, and on being a rich guy who “can’t buy back his past.” For a campaign that can’t shoot straight, this is actually some effective politicking by Team Perry.

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Did Herman Cain flip-flop on a national sales tax?

A RedState diarist discovers yet another potential problem — from the right — with Cain’s “9-9-9″ plan.

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