Remainders: no he Cain’t? Plus, the origins of OWS, and poll-watching

This … is … cringeworthy…

But wait, there’s more!

David Frum says Herman Cain can’t be president (fun though he may be) and he says Republicans have to start looking for candidates with governing experience.

Meanwhile, Cain declares himself right proud of his Koch ties.

Third Way prof Bill Schneider says Occupy Wall Street needs political goals in order to be successful (Barney Frank on Rachel Maddow on Monday agreed.)

But they don’t need a thing, apparently, in order to be overwhelmingly supported by New Yorkers.

Mother attempts to explain OWS’ origins.

Poll watch: Romney is now barely leading Herman Cain in Florida, according to an Insider Advantage poll, and Rick Perry? He’s at 3 percent. That’s not a typo. Three.

A CNN poll shows Romney and Cain also neck and neck nationally, though a whopping two thirds of Republicans in the poll have yet to really make up their minds.

Here’s a shocker: a Gallup poll that shows the tea party is just as popular as OWS, and that most Americans blame the gov’mint, not Wall Street, for the financial collapse! I swear, Gallup is morphing into Rasmussen…

Meanwhile, Bernie Goldberg has finally lost his natural mind.

The American Spectator spins a “behind the scenes” conspiracy theory to fix the GOP primary for Mitt Romney, by way of Florida.

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2 Responses to Remainders: no he Cain’t? Plus, the origins of OWS, and poll-watching

  1. Len S says:

    Rasmussen might be better at this point. The problem I have with Gallup is that one week they noted surprise that Obama wasn’t in the 30′s yet and then a week later lo and behold he’s in the 30′s in their polls. You’re not supposed to make it that obvious guys!

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