The GOP’s strange platform: ignore the first responders, cut off student loans

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY

If it’s Sunday, it’s another day for strange goings on in the Republican Party, which is hardening into a wizened rump party that stands for booing soldiers, cheering the imminent death of the uninsured, defending Wall Street and the rich, and giving the old “screw you” to cops, teachers and fire fighters. Oh, and suddenly, they’re anti-war.

A range of stories point to just how far blown the Republican mind has become in the Obama era.

Mitch McConnell: laid off teachers and firefighters not our problem. Here’s the money graf:

Last week, McConnell and fellow Republicans, along with a few Democrats scuttled a measure supported by President Barack Obama that would have pumped $35 billion to cash-starved localities.

“I’m sure Americans do — I certainly do — approve of firefighters and police,” the Kentucky senator told Crowley — leaving out teachers. “The question is whether the federal government ought to be raising taxes on 300,000 small businesses in order to send money down to bail out states for whom firefighters and police work — they are local and state employees.”

It’s the Senatorial equivalent of SNL’s “let the puppies burn!” gig on Ron Paul. And it doesn’t sound like a smart strategy going into 2012, with public union sensitivities already heightened in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida. It’s like they’re hanging a shingle on their party headquarters that says: “don’t vote for us, coppers. We hate your guts. And your teacher friends, too…”

And speaking of Paul, he thinks the federal government should stop making student loans. Let the collegians burn!

And aside from the endless war tag team of McCain and Graham, who wanted the U.S. to remain in Iraq … forever … the war party is increasingly turning schizophrenic on foreign policy — opposing foreign aid, and also opposing, or at least being mighty cool toward — the U.S. participation in Nato’s ouster-assist in Libya, and both calling for more warlike words toward Iran, and a ratcheting down in Afghanistan (but somehow not publicly so “the enemy” knows what we’re up to.)

They want the government to return to 1920s style laissez-faire deregulation — essentially a 1990s on steroids — and at the same time they want government completely out of the business sector, they want it very much in the bedroom, banning contraception, even, as well as abortion.

Strange days.

Meanwhile, in other political news, Marco Rubio goes from Hispanic Ronald Reagan to birther victim.

Rick Perry really, really loves guns.

And Nevada gives in to New Hampshire’s pique and saves us all from a December primary.

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2 Responses to The GOP’s strange platform: ignore the first responders, cut off student loans

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  2. Rupert says:

    They are just relentless with their lie that each person making a decent buck is a “small business owner” and a “jobs creator.” After all, corporations are people too, my friend, as Mitt likes to say. But apparently, teachers–and all union members for that matter–are lesser people; eh Mitch?

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