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Make. It. Stop. It’s the latest (and hopefully last) Herman Cain scandal

Is this the end? Well, the end came quite some time ago, but Herman Cain is going out ugly.

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David Frum explains it all: the GOP has lost touch with reality

David Frum writes a comprehensive, revealing essay that identifies the core problems of the modern Republican Party — which has been overrun by talk radio showmen, radical ideas and the loss of the Grand Old Party’s tether to reality. Frum … Continue reading

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Meet with your mayors, OWSers

The Occupy movement has now gone on for more than two months — a remarkable feat that’s been helped in part by mercifully un-horrible weather, and that’s survived ugly police interventions in several places. But the movement needs an endgame.

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Happy Thanksgiving from The Reid Report!

It’s a tough economy for a Thanksgiving celebration, but you can still give thanks for the little things … like the fact that you’re not a turkey. In all seriousness, enjoy the day, and may God bless those who have … Continue reading

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Read this: Jonathan Chait vs. the terminally unhappy left

Jonathan Chait nails the emoprog problem:

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Unforced error: will Gingrich regret his debate answer on immigration?

There’s a kind of unwritten rule in the current Republican politics. Saying poor children should be made to clean their schools like the little urchins in Oliver Twist is fine. Saying the country should take a compassionate stance toward some … Continue reading

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Santorum’s compassion for the ‘country’ of Africa

Just … ugh …

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The casual pepper spray cop as art object

You knew this had to happen.

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**UPDATED: Not so fast, GOP: Obama will veto attempt to wriggle out of triggers

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I think the lesson here is …

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Gingrich: let the children go into the mines! … er, the school basements!

Tired of watching scruffy little urchins laggarding around the place, “reading” … “going to school” and begging their parents for meal, after meal, after tiresome meal? President Gingrich shall solve this festering cancer on America (and then, he will divorce … Continue reading

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