Herman Cain: king of the ‘Princess Nancy’ party

Really, Herman?

Herman Cain says he ‘probably shouldn’t have said Princess Nancy’ during the latest presidential debate. Ya think?

I mean, when you’re the guy whose got upwards of five complaints of sexual harassment, lewd behavior and God forbid, groping, in your dossier? There are things you just shouldn’t say, and Cain acknowledged as much Wednesday when he told a CNBC anchor after the latest GOP presidential debate, hosted by the network, that he shouldn’t have used the term “Princess Nancy” to describe former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during the confab.

Cain said he had been trying to make a point, but frankly, I think whatever point he intended to make was lost. #princessnancy started trending almost immediately on Twitter, and the crowd at the debate loved it — and they loved Herman Cain.

But beyond Cain’s gaffe (actually I’m not sure you can call it a gaffe in context, because the GOP crowd loved it — and him — and in fact booed the moderators for even asking him about the sex harassment charges, but at any rate…) which will make him even more toxic with independent and moderate Republican women voters than he already is (allegedly trying to push some lady’s head into your crotch and asking “you want a job, right?” isn’t exactly a winning strategy with women) — what came through in Wednesday night’s debate was a generally disdainful attitude toward women that could be troubling for the GOP, beyond Mr. Cain. Several of the debaters, particularly Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, took a disparaging, frankly condescending tone with one moderator in particular — Maria Bartiromo — who was forced to spar with Gingrich over his not liking her questions (nothing new for him) and with Romney, who responded to a Bartiromo query about why his 60 some odd page economic plan contained nothing on housing, with the snide, “because it’s an economic plan, not a housing plan.”

The debaters were particularly peevish Wednesday with all of the moderators (Newt and Gingrich also got into it with Johnathan Harwood.) But their tone toward Bartiromo really stuck out for me, given that this is the party that is coddling Mr. Cain, with his nearly half dozen complaints of sexual rudeness.

And if you think Cain, for all his “shouldn’t haves” is walking away from his “gaffe,” consider this:

Moments after Cain uttered the comment, this popped up on the candidate’s official Twitter page, THEHermanCain: “The answer to Health Care: HR3000, the bill killed by ‘Princess Nancy’ in committee.”

And what do you bet they try to raise money off it, just like Team Cain did with those sexual harassment allegations.

But that’s where the modern day GOP is. This is the party of Rush Limbaugh, who grossly mispronounces one of the Cain accuser’s name, and throws in some slurping sounds just to up the hurl factor … It’s the party of John Derbyshire, who says women shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they’re too soft hearted and let Democrats get elected. It’s the party where women like Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter make money bashing fellow women for daring to stand up to sexual harassers like Clarence Thomas and apparently, Herman Cain, and where meanness and downright nastiness is what is most valued in a female commentator (look at who rises to the top on the right: Coulter, Ingraham, Michele Malkin…) Respect for women isn’t exactly at a premium in a party where the “personhood” of zygotes is on the table, but the protection of rape and incest victims is secondary to the egg, and where, on his radio show, Glenn Beck said he initially supported Sarah Palin because “she’s hot,” (Roger Ailes says he hired her at Fox for the same reason) and where he clean got away with saying he could never be her VP because he’d be wondering why she wasn’t in the kitchen (presumably, getting him a sandwich.)

It’s enough to make you want to open up a gender gap.


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3 Responses to Herman Cain: king of the ‘Princess Nancy’ party

  1. edthurston says:

    You should pick your choice of words Cain, you don’t need another issue to pull you down because you have more than enough. As much as I like you but I think you’re not doing something for people to think that you actually deserve to be Republican’s front runner. Try to think before you start speaking next time well despite that Republicans still seem to be loving Cain based on posts from here  http://HermanCainsTaxPlan.com

  2. Cha says:

    Republicons are lying idiots and their supporters want more. Cain is a lying monster who doesn’t stand up and take responsibility for his actions. First he blames it on the Perry campaign(oops) and then he tries to blame his past on the “democrat machine”. Stupid.

  3. Limbaugh did the limbo right under the subterranean bar he set earlier in the week with the slurping sounds: Now he’s “joking” about Cain’s accusers wanting to hold a joint press conference so they can “synchronize their menstrual cycles.” Anyone who listens to and agrees with that sexist, racist arse is a pig-ignorant fool himself. And yes, that includes my father. (sigh)

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