Herman Cain’s problem: evolving stories (and random gospel singing)

Herman Cain's story keeps changing

Herman Cain’s biggest problem with the sexual harassment allegations made against him by two women when he headed the National Restaurant Association is not that it’s costing him on the right: conservatives are rallying behind him at the moment (well, most of them are, anyway.) And hey, all this scandal is making his campaign money. It’s … well, it’s Herman Cain.

Cain has told several different stories about the allegations, and that’s a problem, since most of these stories were written down by people, or recorded by cameras. First, his campaign said he knew nothing about anything. Then he admitted he might know something about the allegations, but he couldn’t remember what the settlement amount was. Then he admitted he did know about an allegation of sex harassment, and he described it to Greta Van Susteren of Fox News. Now, he says he knows nothing about the second allegation, which is what he told radio host (and former Clarence Thomas clerk) Laura Ingraham today. (He also told an apparently easily convinced Ingraham that he suddenly remembered the settlement on Monday…) Wait long enough, and Cain will figure out that he does remember that second allegation after all.

Cain also said his wife would never appear publicly for his campaign, except that now she will, in order to do the proverbial “stand by your man” thing in the wake of the allegations (one can only hope she too doesn’t emulate Ginny Thomas and start calling these two women and asking whether they’d like to apologize to Herman now…)

Cain’s conflicting stories have turned a single Politico exclusive into more than a half dozen individual stories on the site, with more surely to come. Because the Politico reporters know who the women are, have talked to at least one of them, and have seen the settlement. Think there’s not more story here? Think again. it’s inevitable, given the news culture we live in, which includes sometimes paying hefty sums of money for interviews (hello, ABC…) that one of these women is going to talk, to someone. Unless some pro Herman type has gotten their first, with either money or threats of legal Armageddon, more about this story will come out.

Read my latest Herman Cain column at theGrio.

Meanwhile, is it normal fora guy with no sins to speak of suddenly break into a rendition of “Amazing Grace will always be my song of praise” (technically called “He Looked Beyond My Fault,”) at a press conference? What kind of Vaudeville act is this guy doing all the time???

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