Herman Cain’s Waterloo?

His latest accuser is white, conservative, and public:

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UPDATE: Oh for chrissakes, there’s a FIFTH???

The real trouble for Cain is that this latest case isn’t about “sexual harassment,” which is bad enough, it’s about alleged assault. It’s not just gross, it’s a gross alleged act perpetrated by a black man, against a white woman. And yes, that still matters. So what will the right wingers who have gone all-in defending Cain do now? What will Fox News do? Laura Ingraham, what say you? Will you stand up for a fellow conservative woman, or cling to your mystic visions of Clarence Thomas and his “high tech lynching” by … wait, this one’s by the governor Texas, right?


MSNBC: Herman Cain’s fourth accuser speaks out (but did she have to connect with Gloria Alred???)

TheGrio: Race of Cain’s accuser can’t be ignored

Pre-Bialek: Republicans don’t care about sex harassment allegations.

Politico: Sharon Bialek talks to Piers.

Cain will hold a press conference to respond to … however many women have come forward by tomorrow at 5 p.m.

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3 Responses to Herman Cain’s Waterloo?

  1. edthurston says:

    Are the allegations true? were there any witnesses. Not to refute the accusations or regard them to be false but there are no proofs that these incidents actually happened. There could be a lot of women coming out to accuse Cain of whatever but all of these would go to waste if the accusers do not really take their allegations to court. I like what I read from here  http://HermanCainsTaxPlan.com you may want to review this and understand more about Cain’s vision.

  2. Rupert says:

    @Ed: Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is a bigger joke than all of this. Speaking of jokes, FoxNews totally ignored the press conference, finding the Penn State sex scandal to be far more interesting. By the way, Ed, why did some of the women receive cash settlements? Because there was proof, perhaps.

  3. Andrew says:

    Joy -

    Spot on. When I first heard about the allegations, I turned to my Black Republican friend and said : You people better hope she ain’t white. Remember Ms. Anita Hill was Black and so their boy Clarence was ok.

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