Hermanated? Cain has a terrible Wednesday, plans a moneybomb

Where to begin …

I wrote this column, about Herman Cain and his supporters playing the race card, less than 24 hours ago, and it’s already obsolete. But I’m not the one having a tough week.

Cain’s week makes my column problems look like horseplay.

First, it turns out that when the reporters from Politico wrote that “at least two” women had accused Cain of sexual harassment back when he was head of the National Restaurant Association, the operative words were “at least.”

Because now there’s a third woman.

Plus a separate witness who’s also a GOP pollster.

And a guy at a radio station that said Cain creeped out his female staffers, like … during the current campaign:

POLITICO has learned that the incident involved a staffer for Steve Deace, an influential conservative talk radio host who hosts a nationally syndicated show in Des Moines. And Deace says he did take offense.

Deace, who penned an opinion piece critical of Cain earlier this month, told POLITICO in an email that Cain said “awkward” and “inappropriate” things to the staff at his station.

“Like awkward/inappropriate things he’s said to two females on my staff, that the fact the guy’s wife is never around…that’s almost always a warning flag to me,” Deace wrote. “But I chose to leave that stuff out [of the opinion piece] and make it about his record and not the personal stuff.”

At least one of the women is upset with Cain’s dismissals (told ya so… ) and wants to talk. (MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell made the very good point on his show Wednesday night that the National Restaurant Association wouldn’t dare sue the women if they did come forward, because they’d never win a jury trial in front of a D.C. jury, they’d be booted from half the Congressional staff offices, and the P.R. of suing sex harassment victims would be abysmal.)

Team Cain is saying this is all a big smear campaign orchestrated by Rick Perry (which is what I got from my source back on Sunday, too.)

… Unless of course it was Team Romney (which I think is a false flag. If anything, my sources say Team Romney or members thereof may have tipped Cain off to the pending story. I’m not the only person out there who smells the scene of coordination between the Cain and Romney worlds…)

The conservative blogosphere is slowly but surely turning on Herman. See evidence of same here and here.

So … who’s up for a Hermanator moneybomb!?

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