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When the supercommittee fails

It’s not a matter if “if” the so-called supercommittee, charged with finding trillions of dollars in deficit savings in of all places, Washington, will fail. It’s a matter of when.

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(Video) Why did police pepper spray peaceful UC Davis students?

If you haven’t seen this video, you should: And now, the story…

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What Chris Matthews actually said about the Obamas

I’ve gotten enough angry tweets about “not standing up for the president and first lady,” regarding an interview that I hadn’t even seen at the time I was being Twitterbombed, that I thought I’d watch it, give my take, and … Continue reading

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Lobbyists hatched million-dollar bank plan to crush the Occupy movement

Chris Hayes broke the story on his show this morning that a DC lobbying firm came up with a genius plan to protect Wall Street from the growing Occupy movement.

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Inside Occupy Wall Street’s Thursday ‘takeover’

This video taken by an OWS insider shows what happened at around 11 a.m. this morning as Occupy Wall Street protesters marched onto Wall Street proper:

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No pass for Corbett: PA governor approved Sandusky grant

Pennsylvania’s Republican governor, who led a 2008 investigation of alleged sexual abuse of children involved in the Second Mile charity, on the Penn State campus, approved a major grant to alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky’s charity. And when did he do … Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: the GOP’s ‘likeability’ gap

The conservative movement’s — and therefore the GOP’s — fundamental problem: it’s really hard to like them.

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Well that was quick, Newt

Gingrich comes … and goes …

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The Herman Cain traveling road show comes to South Florida (and he doesn’t know anything there, either)

The better to pander to Cuban-Americans in Miami … Viva Cuba libre! Story here.

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Irony: Walker turns to publicly-held Packers to save himself from union backlash

Life is full of ironies.

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