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Goodbye 2011, hello 2012!

A little going out music, courtesy of the late Amy Winehouse … … and a little bringing it in music …

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Oh the irony: Newt Gingrich calls politics a ‘nasty, vicious’ business

Freshly knocked off the perch where he was certain he’d be the Republican nominee (thanks to the evils of unlimited corporate money injected into campaigns … ahem …) Newt Gingrich — yes, the Newt Gingrich — has taken to weeping … Continue reading

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Scott Walker on the brink: 500,000 recall sigs in 28 days

For Scott Walker, a recall election is now all-but inevitable.

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Romney’s clueless Marie Antoinette gaffe

How out of touch is Mitt Romney?

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Should Glenn Greenwald have to own the Ron Paul blue plate special?

Salon writer Glenn Greenwald insists he’s not a Cato Instituter (he just writes for them from time to time) — though he clearly appears to be a Libertarian, and a guy with a particular fondness for Ron Paul.

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Thursday’s Herald column: I worked with a Paulite

Just a few years ago, I got an up close and personal view of the Ron Paul belief system …

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Ouch … Bachmann’s Iowa co-chair dumps her for Ron Paul

Now, that’s not nice, Mr. Sorenson …

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Progressives rejoice (or despair…) Ben Nelson to retire from Congress, **UPDATE: Nelson’s mixed voting record

When Ben Nelson announces his plans to retire from the United States Senate (as he’s expected to do today)… progressive Democrats will start popping the champagne corks at seeing one of the bains of their existence finally go away. They … Continue reading

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The other wealth gap: rich congress, poor America

If Congress seems a little bit out of touch …

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Best Christmas song EVER

My pick: Meanwhile …

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