Attack of the oligarch’s (or, Leon Cooperman pitches a fit)

Former Goldman guy goes ballistic over Obama 'demonizing the rich'

Some of America’s wealthiest are vewy, vewy angry at Barack Obama.

The same president who Glenn Greenwald and David Sirota would have you believe is a jack-booted Wall Street storm trooper, stripping little old ladies of their civil liberties and delivering them as slaves to hedge fund managers, is considered not a very nice man by the Masters of the Universe. See, they don’t like it when Obama points out that they ought to like, pay their fair share.

And so you get full-on, spittle flecked rants like this one, by a former Goldman guy named Leon Cooperman, whose daddy was a janitor, damnit, so leave his tax loopholes alone! Read Cooperman’s epic tirade here. And read Steve Winstein’s equally epic Cooperman takedown at Crooks and Liars. Waa.

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3 Responses to Attack of the oligarch’s (or, Leon Cooperman pitches a fit)

  1. Flo says:

    As Digby said….”Oh, boo f*cking hoo.”
    A one percenter referring to the rest of us as “minions.” Mr. Cooperman may have had too many martinis before releasing his stupid diatribe.

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  3. Penelope says:

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