Newt’s swift decline

The chart that says it all:

Now, I’m not a huge fan of Gallup polls. I think they tend to produce a lot of outliers, and they seem to have a “lean,” if you get me. But this is a pretty swift descent for Newt nationally, and mirrors what PPP says is going on in Iowa, where Newt has collapsed, and ceded the lead to Ron Paul. Newt seems to be a victim of the straffing he’s taking from the conservative chattering classes, plus the reticence of Christian conservatives to get behind him, not to mention the air war being waged against him on Iowa TV and radio.

But what’s really fascinating about Gallup’s daily track numbers is the stubborn refusal of any of the other contenders to rise. Even Ron Paul ticks up to around 10 percent, but no one is really benefiting when the latest “front-runner” collapses. The only really solid contender in the GOP primary is “none of the above.”

See the overall Newt collapse in graphical form here.

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