Tea Party Express: Scott Walker, Nikki Haley and Rick Scott are ‘martyrs’

The Tea Party's 'Martyr' governors: Scott Walker, Nikki Haley and Rick Scott

From the in-box, an urgent message to the tea party faithful, from the Koch family Tea Party Express …

You have to see this!
Yesterday, we intercepted an email from United Wisconsin  – the pro-Recall umbrella group that represents the union bosses, the liberal left and Obama’s Democratic machine.  Check out an excerpt from their email below (take a deep breath first):
They are calling us “sleezy”, shills for corporate America, and not “real people”.  They could not have this more wrong.  This is the left using the same old tired playbook of trying to discredit Tea Party movement.
Once again, the Left is successfully crafting a message that smears the Tea Party, Gov. Walker, and promotes hatred for his policies. However, these bullies have NO FACTS!
The fact is that the Tea Party is made up of individual supporters that have joined the movement on their own free will because they are concerned with the direction the country is going.  We are not supported by forced union dues, but contribute our hard earned money because we care and believe in Gov. Scott Walker, his reforms, and understand the importance of this battle.
The fact is that Gov. Walker was fairly elected, had the courage to take on the corrupt unions that were bankrupting the state, and restored Wisconsin to a path of prosperity.
WE NEED YOUR HELP TO STOP THE LEFT’S SMEAR CAMPAIGN AGAINST GOV. WALKER AND HIS SUPPORTERS.  We cannot afford to wait.  We must start building a fund that will defend Scott Walker and his conservative policies.  If we lose in Wisconsin, it will give Obama and the liberals even more momentum in the 2012 elections.  Donate now and let’s save Gov. Walker and the future of our country!
Is this really a leader that we can abandon?  What kind of message will that send to other conservative martyrs like Rick Scott in Florida, Nikki Haley in South Carolina, or Mitch Daniels in Indiana? We must fight this battle in Wisconsin and we must do it now! Click here to donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more!

If I’m John Kasich, I’m wondering where the love is, frankly… but “martyrs???”

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3 Responses to Tea Party Express: Scott Walker, Nikki Haley and Rick Scott are ‘martyrs’

  1. I think they may have accidentally got this one right, Ms. Reid. In the Koch Industries jihad against the American middle class and poor, rigid ideologues like Walker and Scott may have to sacrifice their political viability to enact deeply unpopular policies that benefit their paymasters and screw the rest of us.

    Instead of 72 virgins, they’ll be rewarded with Heritage Foundation fellowships after detonating their political careers. My heart bleeds for them. Not.

  2. Flo says:

    Betty has a point. Scott Walker will no doubt be rewarded for his union busting; if he is recalled, a lucrative position will be there for him. Rick Scott has pretty much been a failure so far, but as we know he has already profited richly from his sins.

  3. Grant Devereaux says:

    Scary people – but I do hope they are martyrs. They execute martyrs, right?

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