Andrew Sullivan infuriates the right (and the left) by calling Obama critics ‘dumb’

Conservative bloggers are fuming (or resorting to racist, schoolyard taunts.) But none have undermined the substance of Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek cover article, which asks the question: why are President Obama’s critics so dumb?

A clip:

A president in the last year of his first term will always get attacked mercilessly by his partisan opponents, and also, often, by the feistier members of his base. And when unemployment is at remarkably high levels, and with the national debt setting records, the criticism will—and should be—even fiercer. But this time, with this president, something different has happened. It’s not that I don’t understand the critiques of Barack Obama from the enraged right and the demoralized left. It’s that I don’t even recognize their description of Obama’s first term in any way. The attacks from both the right and the left on the man and his policies aren’t out of bounds. They’re simply—empirically—wrong.

Read the whole thing here.

Sullivan explained his reasoning on Hardball Monday night:

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If you’re still not reading Sullivan, you should be.


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7 Responses to Andrew Sullivan infuriates the right (and the left) by calling Obama critics ‘dumb’

  1. Allan says:

    When you throw a rock into a pigpen, the pig that squeals is the one you hit. The responses to Sullivan’s post are a lot of squealing.

  2. HumboldtBlue says:

    Allan you are sooo chicken-fried steak, you country boy, you.

    Maybe Sullivan can write a nice article about how Obama’s critics are just suffering from inherited low IQ.

  3. Sully was on Hardball last night, where he said it was Newsweek that wrote the headline containing the word “dumb.” But the point still stands. I frequently find Sully infuriating, from his unconscionable “Fifth Column” comment when he had a boner for Bush’s war to his recent love-fest for Ron Paul. But I gotta give him credit for a clear-eyed and fairly comprehensive critique of Obama’s first term.

  4. Daniel says:

    Good to see Andy taking some time off from the Trig-birther conspiracies.

  5. Trey Jackson says:


    Proving critics from the right are factually incorrect is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    But, how does he show that critics from the left are “empirically—wrong”?

    He says they don’t realize Obama is playing the long game.

    So, you can’t bitch about Obama waging illegal wars, killing American citizens, extending executive powers, indefinite extension, failing to hold torturers/war crimes/financial wrongdoers because … he’s trying to get reelected (and the alternative is worse). i.e. stop bitching about your brother hitting you b/c I’ll whomp you worse!

    Hardly an empirical argument.

    Furthermore, Obama hasn’t reduced defense spending, he’s increased it (slower than estimates – but that’s not a reduction). And Obama gets credit for a pro gay rights law in NY b/c he was president at the time? WTF

    Oh, and, all of the criticisms from the left (which Sullivan says he agrees with, gee good to know he’s on “our” side) are minimized because “[Obama] has done the most important thing o fall: excising the cancer of torture from military detention and military justice.” That may be the most important thing for Sullivan, but it’s hardly THE most important thing – torture is but a wart on the face that is our war on terrorism which in and of itself is making us less safe (DoD and CIA both agree). Oh, and the “excising” is only temporary, it’s gone as soon as Obama leaves office. And (I repeat myself) it’s not an empirical argument.

    The only thing Sullivan gets right about the whining from (the majority of) the left is that they were naive to expect Obama to fulfill their wet dreams. They were fools. (Still not an empirical argument)

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