The 10 most fabulously faily moments from the CNN Florida debate

Well, the last debate before the Florida primary is in the can. And oh, what a debate it was. Here are the ten failiest … and therefore most fabulous … moments:

1. Mitt Romney: “I don’t remember what’s in my ad … and I approve this message.”

Romney zinged Newt Gingrich for calling him the most anti-immigrant candidate, only to apparently forget the very ad that’s very effectively making that point, in Spanish, in Florida, with a tag line recorded by Romney, saying he approves this message. In the end, lying about the ad may hurt Mitt later, but the substance of the ad hurts Newt now. Bye bye South Florida voters!

2. Mitt to Santorum: Romneycare being just like Obamacare not worth getting angry about. Takeaway: Romney got owned, but the owner kind of comes across like Norman Bates.

3. Suddenly, Republicans can’t be enough of Hispanic immigrants! Hey, it’s Florida. Best part: Mitt Romney speed names every Hispanic he can ink of, even dredging up his erstwhile endorser, Mel Martinez. Caliente!

4. Newt hits moderator, moderator hits back. And not only did Newt get owned by Wolf Blitzer, he did so in the process of practically begging for a truce with Mitt Romney. Never a good look, and needless to say, Romney said no thanks.

5. Take my wife, please! Newt says Callista would be a good first lady to “hang out with” in the White House, in part because she plays the French horn, but really she wouldn’t be any better a first lady than the other guys’ wives. Time for another Tiffany’s line of credit!

6. Mitt Romney utters two words he should never, ever say: “you’re fired.”

7. Mitt’s “blind trust” it’s where he keeps his Fannie Freddie money, you know. So about that “blind” thing

8. Romney never voted for a Democrat… when there was a GOPer on the ballot… So what happened when there wasn’t?

9. Screamy don’t do science … Rick Santorum used his final answer of the debate to thoroughly lock down the antimodern vote, by saying that unlike his opponents, he didn’t fall for that global warming malarkey… Leeches, anyone?

10. Two words: moon colony … with fabulous prizes, even!

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2 Responses to The 10 most fabulously faily moments from the CNN Florida debate

  1. Flo says:

    Wolf might want to give moderating debates and maybe try beauty pageants, after that “why would your wife be a good first lady?” question. I’m surprised we didn’t hear “Callista has always been proud of her country.”

  2. hilda banks says:

    Yeah, you mean the lady with the concrete hair? How does she sleep at nigh because that hair never moves. First, it doesn’t do much for her coloring, don’t know where her face begins. Same tired hairstyle and lipstick. Does she speak? I suppose I shouldn’t bash but I can’t help it.

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