(Video) The clip that sparked a Rush Limbaugh ‘dichotomy’ rant

Rush Limbaugh in his "Jeff Christie" days.

Now, let’s stipulate that Rush Limbaugh is a vain and touchy fellow. He must have a team of minions whose job is to search for any and all mentions of him in the media, so he can hold forth and huffily denounce them for taking his name in vain. Today’s baddies: your humble editor, and MSNBC primetime host Ed Schultz…

Limbaugh took umbrage — that being a certain offense and annoyance — at Ed’s use of the term “different dichotomy.” Rush took it upon himself to explain the meaning of “dichotomy,” using it as an excuse to attack Ed (whom he identifies only as “the host.” He was kind enough to identify theGrio, including the dot com, for which I am eternally grateful…) And then he got to his attack on yours truly:

Anyway, “How do you think it’s gonna play down there, Joy-Ann Reid?”

REID: The narrative is being implanted that Mitt Romney’s company was a vulture capitalist — whatever your opinions of capitalism writ large — and then I think it’s forced him in this position where he’s parroting the sort of Rush Limbaughisms. “Don’t hate me because I’m rich! I’m rich and that’s too bad if you’re not!” (sic) That’s not good for him in a general, don’t think that stops him from winning though among Republican voters in South Carolina.

RUSH: Rush Limbaughisms? So this babe thinks that this is forcing Romney to parrot me? If Romney were parroting me he would have the nomination sewn up! The Rush Limbaughism, “Don’t hate me because I’m rich. I’m rich and it’s too bad if you’re not”? I have not said that. I haven’t said that. (interruption) You like that? Well, it may be a good party line. I haven’t said that. “Don’t hate me because I’m rich?” I don’t care if people hate me. In fact, I know that people grown hate me. I don’t care. They’re gonna hate me for a whole host of reasons. I think it is too bad that everybody’s not rich. But I also think Obama’s not the route to that. Obama’s not the route to rich for anybody.


Here’s the clip that so ticked off (or delighted, since it included a mention of his name) … El Rushbo:

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  1. Hey, at least he didn’t call you a “feminazi,” which is his go-to slur for women who don’t kiss his ample arse. He’s right about one thing — lots of people can’t stand him. I don’t hate him because he’s not important enough in my life to warrant that strong an emotion. But I do have a great deal of contempt for the cretinous blow-hard, and when he keels over dead on the john one day and is found eaten by his cats, I can’t say I’ll shed a tear.

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