Watch: the ‘King of Bain’ trailer, and the ultimate argument against Mitt Romney

The amazing thing about this trailer is that it could be an ad produced by the Democrats against presidential candidate Mitt Romney. It makes all of the arguments that Democrats will ultimately make against Mitt: that he is a corporate raider who puts his own greed ahead of people (and who won’t show his tax returns but has used offshore tax havens to avoid paying income taxes…) and it features the kinds of working class, older folks who Republicans traditionally entice with pro-corporate messages. It’s an odd, odd tack for a Republican candidate, but it could prove ultimately devastating to Romney. Watch the trailer to the 27 minute film that will follow Mitt to South Carolina:

And then wonder this …

Who is the Winning Our Future PAC working for? Newt Gingrich? Does Newt really think he’s going to become the nominee of a fundamentally pro business party via a populist message that assails capitalist greed more effectively than most Democrats do at this point? Really? On the up-side for Romney, if there is one, it does give him several months’ lead time to fashion a response to the fundamental argument against him: that he is a rapacious, job killing plutocrat. Or as DWS puts it: a “job cremater.” If he can parry the pro-Newt super-PAC, he may have a sufficiently robotic answer prepared when President Obama’s team hits him on Bain Capital in the fall.

On the other hand, I don’t see how this helps Republicans, because the fundamental argument against Romney is in essence an indictment of the entire conservative ethos — which is stridently pro-capital and anti-labor. The idea of “creative destruction” growing the economy, even if it costs jobs in the short run — and the idea that the pursuit of self-interest is fundamentally good for the country (as explained by Jeb Bush in his “right to rise” op-ed, or as championed by George Will in his takedown of Gingrich last month that included the description of laid off workers as “dead weight…”) is GOP 101. How does a supposedly conservative political action community tear that down, even in the interest of tearing Mitt Romney down, and not make the 99 percent versus 1 percent argument stick against any Republican?

The mind reels.

Link: the super-PACs

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  1. J says:

    I would like to see the entire film, another point – why is no-one mentioning the fact that Romney has offshore accounts to avoid US taxes?

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