Christopher Orr nails it: Mitt is Tarantino’s Superman


This meme is racing through the wingersphere, and loved it or hate it (and lots of righties hate it)… you can’t avoid it’s devastating accuracy.

Orr’s bottom line: Mitt Romney is playing out what he thinks conservatives are like when he gives angry, xenophobic, simple minded speeches, in the same way Superman is playing out what he thinks humans are like when he he is being weak, insecure, cowardly Clark Kent. Read it here.

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One Response to Christopher Orr nails it: Mitt is Tarantino’s Superman

  1. leftover says:

    The Orr observation is as valid today as it was four years ago. But isn’t that what all the Tea Party Republicans are doing? CPAC this year looks like a final reconciliation between what Leonard Zesskind calls the “mainstreamer” and “vanguardist” factions of white nationalism. Dressed up in Lee Atwater’s dog-whistle rhetoric and armed with Dick Armey’s CliffNotes version of “Rules for Radicals,” the metamorphosis of the GOP is nearly complete.

    What author Mark Lilla calls “the most important and disturbing development in our politics today…the apotheosis of ugliness, brutishness, baseness and ignorance as political ideals on the American right…” would be more laughable if it wasn’t so bold and frighteningly shameless. Its not the cape and leotard of Superman the Kent-like kleagles hide under their everyman disguise. It’s white robes and cone-hats more familiar to Don Black or Bob Vandervoort.

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