Jeezus, Mittens…

Maybe it's the mom jeans?

Romney rolls snake-eyes in the primary/caucus dull-bowl tonight (sorry, Colorado!) But sometimes it’s not the losses, it’s the message.

And the message to Mitt seems to be: a whole lot of people aren’t feeling you, man. I mean, a majority of caucusers and primary voters — paltry though their numbers were tonight — in three states out west picked the guy whose claims have been becoming more and more dark and bizarre every day, and who tonight accused the president of trying to “rule over you” — and by “you” I think he means those who are lucky enough to be in the know about the coming Apocalypse if Rick Santorum doesn’t become president… (this from the guy who wants the government to snatch away women’s birth control…)

Wow, Mitt. That’s the guy who beat you. Yes, it’s small states. Yes, it’s non-binding puff primary/caucus theater (and community theater at that — not even off-off Broadway.) But I think the real take away tonight, is that Mitt Romney is really lucky the Sweet Meteor of Death wasn’t on the ballot in Minnesota and Missouri — and maybe Colorado by night’s end. Just sayin’ …

Here are the results as of 11:59 p.m.:

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One Response to Jeezus, Mittens…

  1. Rob says:

    Funniest thing about Missouri is the 4750 votes for Perry/Cain. Hoping for a Neut surge in the South to muck it up even more.

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