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How conservative is Mitt Romney?

Severely is an auspicious start, but TRR thinks Willard can do better…

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Today’s Herald column: no more ‘charity as usual’ for Komen

I’m a bit late in posting today’s Herald column, which tackles the perfect mess The Komen Foundation made for itself when it waded into the culture wars.

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Jeezus, Mittens…

Romney rolls snake-eyes in the primary/caucus dull-bowl tonight (sorry, Colorado!) But sometimes it’s not the losses, it’s the message.

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Without irony: Rick Santorum edition

…They’re folks who have tried to use their power to force people to do things that they believe they should do and that are right… – Rick Santorum on his desire to have the government force women to give birth, … Continue reading

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Iconic Super Bowl XLVI photo: Rush in the Patriots box, digging for nasal gold

All you need to know about this year’s Super Bowl is that the Giants beat the Patriots, and the Patriots’ owners decided to invite Rush Limbaugh to their skybox in Indianapolis … where he was caught in camera picking his … Continue reading

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Arizona strikes again

It’s not enough that it’s the land of wildly anti-immigrant laws and sheriffs, and the crooked-fingered governor who feels “threatened” by … um… tall presidents. Now, Arizona is out-Wisconsining Wisconsin.

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‘Let us make a profit, so what?’ Komen for the Cash Cure defunded stem cell research, too

H/t to Angryblacklady. Add “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” to my must-see movie list And then ask yourself … who is that stylish woman behind the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

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Their ideal world … the ‘Refounders of America’ write a Constitution

Want to know what kind of world conservative true believers (or at least their wealthy benefactors) want to construct for us? This is going to sting a bit, but read on …

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Komen caves

With a quickness. I guess they didn’t want to risk their corporate donors on the hope that church folk would keep them solvent.

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Susan G. Komen enters the McCarthy era

With one policy change, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure has gone from a respected heal advocacy charity, to a crass political actor. And that’s a shame.

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