Their ideal world … the ‘Refounders of America’ write a Constitution

A Dickensian workhouse

Want to know what kind of world conservative true believers (or at least their wealthy benefactors) want to construct for us? This is going to sting a bit, but read on …

I stumbled across the Refounders of the America while searching for information on Charlotte Bergmann, the black Republican congressional candidate who was shouted down by a Memphis, TN radio host, raising the hackles of the crack journalists at Fox News (who I’m certain had never heard of that radio host before just now…) So I got a tip from one of my Twitter allies that Ms. Bergmann is associated with something called Operation Black Storm — yes, that’s the real name. Turns out it’s a creation of something called the Patriot PAC – a tea party group that thought the following video was an appropriate appetizer for visitors to – a site, mind you, dedicated to supporting BLACK REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE. Now watch the video, and tell me if you see the disconnect:

So America’s founding was all liberty, no slaves … fabulous! And Barack Obama is Hitler, and Stalin, and Mao, and Hugo Chavez and … Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel, and we’re facing imminent martial law because … well now I’m starting to see why the tea party people who EMAIL ME IN ALL CAPS are so whacked. If this is the kind of thing they’re consuming on a regular basis, they’re dealing with some serious anxiety.

Back to my search. I wondered, who is this group who made this video? Well, they are called Break the Bonds of Tyranny. The group is the brainchild of a guy named Conley Estes, an octogenarian about whom I can find virtually nothing beyond the bio posted on their website.

And about that website: on it, you will find their proposal for a set of constitutional amendments that will perfect our worn out old Constitution, mostly by repealing everything after the 13th Amendment (I guess the members of Operation Black Storm can be thankful they at least didn’t restore the 3/5ths rule…)

So in this new, improved constitution, the president is sort of a prisoner of his office, subject to recall at a moment’s notice, and confined to just 10 advisors, who by law, have to be drawn from the industries they’re advising him about. No, seriously. He could only hire oil executives to advise him on energy. Not that he or she would bother, since the powers of the president are pretty much limited to not having “czars,” and watching his back to make sure Congress doesn’t impeach him for violating the constitution by like, breathing. The federal government would essentially be controlled by Congress, deeply subordinate to the states, and composed of a fairly normal House, and a Senate unburdened by the 16th Amendment. Appointed by state legislators they would be, and their job would be to serve those legislatures, not the citizens of their state. Seriously, that’s in there!

As to Congress’ powers? Not many. They can’t regulate commerce, they can barely regulate trade, they can’t protect lands, and the federal government can’t even own land (no national parks!) unless it’s for a military base. There will be no income or corporate taxes, only some vague reference to a national flat tax, which I suppose is a sales tax. There will be no students loans, no national education standards, no Social Security, Medicare or safety net of any kind, and not even pensions for the former president (assuming some poor sap wanted the job) or retired congress member. There certainly will be no earmarks, and no regulation of any kind over business or the stripping and utilization of natural resources, and no regulation of guns — unlimited ammo for all — and people can own anything they want besides chemical or biological weapons. I swear to God I’m not making this up.

One thing Congress does have the power to do: get rid of anybody the right doesn’t like. Control of the attorney general’s office devolves to them, and a single member of Congress can trigger the impeachment of any judge.

In their new constitution, our restoreres of liberty close every federal agency, confine federal workers to the average private sector wage, which again, will be set solely by business, which means it will be very, very low. And they ensure that each of the states is a law unto itself — a patchwork of law or no law, which can mean entering virtually a different country every time you cross a state border.

It sounds like a literal hell — people shooting each other down in the forrest over their right to pan for gold, or mowing each other down over oil drilling rights. The government won’t even be able to step in, since under this brand new constitution, the federal government is prohibited from sending in troops to keep public order or clear mobs, or anything like restoring civil order.

It’s lord of the freaking flies. Every man for himself. A back-to-nature free-for-all wild west. A wilderness of kill or be killed — plow your fortune or starve — and stockpile your weapons in case some varmint comes in and tries to steal your gold. Oh, and they outlaw labor unions. And microchipping. They like, ban the government from implanting microchips in people because, you know… that’s happening… Jesus, take the wheel. It just dawned on me that these people are anarchists — just like the anarchists of the left. They’re just anarchists in it for extreme profit for the very rich and corporations.

This … is the society they want.

God help us if they ever get it.

Read the “amendments” for yourself. It seems entirely representative of the kind of thinking that I’ve found to be common among the far right/Koch brothers/Dick Armey set:

The Tea Party’s Ideal Constitution: The “Amendments for Liberty”

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