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Joe Scarborough calls out Daily Call… er… Conservative attackers of Trayvon

Morning Joe Scarborough calls out the right wing websites and personalities who have made a cause of vilifying Trayvon Martin. Helloooo, Tucker Carlson!

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Trayvon Martin: a walk-through of the shooting scene

The layout of the Retreat at Twin Lakes, and the route Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman took on the night of February 26th, courtesy of ShowMe:

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This week’s Herald column: Trayvon Martin and the fears of black mothers

I’m in Sanford covering the Trayvon Martin case for theGrio. Quite an experience. I also wrote about the tragic cad for my column this week.

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Of Muppets and vampire squid

You can’t make this stuff up.

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Oops, he did it again (or, Rick Santorum’s epic Puerto Rico fail)

It’s no surprise Rick Santorum Lost the Puerto Rico primary… and by that i mean he lost it big…

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Willard, we have a problem

It’s not just that he didn’t win Alabama or Mississippi (as of this posting, NBC has called Alabama for Rick Santorum and Romney is stuck in third place, in Mississippi). It’s not just that he can’t get over 30 percent … Continue reading

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Rush’s syndicator suspends all station ad requirements for two weeks


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Bully boy

Is there a person in public life more grossly unpleasant than Chris Christie?

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Is Mike Huckabee Rush Limbaugh’s biggest nightmare? UPDATED

In a word: yes.

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This is Mississippi

Frances Martel may not like it, but this slice of Mississippi life is … well … illuminating: March 9, 2012 Clip: Alexandra Pelosi Meanwhile …

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