The right’s new goal: Bring Back Jeremiah Wright!

Jeremiah Wright was the right's 2007 bogeyman. They're in the market for a new one.

Disappointed that Sarah Palin wasn’t fully unleashed in 2008, to go all in on President Obama’s ties to scary black and terroristic people, and apparently out of ideas (and all but giving up on finding a presidential candidate they like) the right has decided to reach back into their old bag of tricks: tar Barack Obama as a scary black radical guy.

The latest gambit: a conspiracy theory surrounding the late Andrew Breitbart, who announced, dramatically, at CPAC that he was working on an expose of Obama’s time at Harvard Law School, and the blackity-black, black radicalism supposedly therein. The excitement in right wing world centered on the imminent release of videotapes supposedly unearthed by Breitbart, which preemptively got the old fashioned way: by licensing them from the PBS affiliate in Boston (just like Frontline did when they used the tape in a documentary about Obama at Harvard … in 2008…)

The result? A tape that is neither scary, nor particularly newsworthy, but which does prove that a guy’s voice really doesn’t change over the course of 20 years:

And of course, since Obama was supporting Bell and a group of law students’ drive to increase faculty diversity at the school (as was also happening at the undergraduate part of the school, where I was a senior at the time…) he is, de facto, a black nationalist radical who hates white people. Um … or something like that…

So what’s so scary about that? Well the right is preparing to make the “scary” — Derrick Bell, the former Harvard Law professor Obama was praising — and in the secretly “suppressed” ending … HUGGING!!! He is going to be the right’s new Jeremiah Wright. Buzzfeed itself is already releasing video of his speeches, which will be pored over with a fine toothed comb by the Malkinites. But here’s the thing: Derrick Bell is dead. He died last year. He can’t even defend himself. So that should work out nicely…

Meanwhile, if anyone’s gonna pretend this isn’t embarrassingly silly, it’s our old friend (and fellow Harvardian) Frances Martel

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3 Responses to The right’s new goal: Bring Back Jeremiah Wright!

  1. j says:

    The whole congress of the US hangs out with a terrorist. Peter King of NY was
    a well known member of the IRA.

  2. Beauzeaux says:

    Clearly, I’m out of the mainstream AGAIN. I’m an elderly white woman and I never understood all the fuss about Jeremiah Wright. I haven’t heard him at length but in the clips I’ve seen he doesn’t say anything that isn’t verifiably true. (Except for the religious stuff — no proof exists for that.)

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