This is Mississippi

Frances Martel may not like it, but this slice of Mississippi life is … well … illuminating:

Meanwhile …

Public Policy Polling asked Mississippians (and Alabamans) what they thought about a few things. Their findings?

In Mississippi only 12% of voters think Obama’s a Christian to 52% who think he’s a Muslim and 36% who are not sure. In Alabama just 14% think Obama’s a Christian to 45% who think he’s a Muslim and 41% who aren’t sure.

Mitt Romney dominates the ‘Obama’s a Christian’ vote in both states. He leads Santorum 42-28 with those folks in Mississippi and has a 38-21 lead over him with them in Alabama. In Mississippi Newt’s winning the ‘Obama’s a Muslim’ vote 39-28, but in Alabama it’s a three way tie with all of the leading candidates at 31%.

-We continue to see evidence that Rush Limbaugh’s damaged his brand over the last few weeks. His favorability is only slightly over 50% in these two states where the Republican electorate is incredibly conservative- he’s at 53/33 in Alabama and 51/30 in Mississippi. Given that our last national survey on Limbaugh, taken a few years ago, found him at 80/12 with Republicans it’s safe to say he’s fallen a long way in these states.

-Alabama’s pretty much on board with interracial marriage, with 67% of voters thinking it should be legal to 21% who think it should not be. There’s still some skepticism in Mississippi though- only 54% of voters think it should be legal, while 29% believe it should be illegal. Newt cleans up with the ‘interracial marriage should be illegal’ crowd in both states. He’s up 40-27 on Romney with them in Mississippi and 37-28 with them in Alabama.

Note that anywhere between a fifth and a third of these people still think interracial marriage should be ILLEGAL. Jesus, be a dentist…

And now, allow me to leave you with this last bit of data about our friends in the deep south:

Finally there’s considerable skepticism about evolution among GOP voters in both Alabama and Mississippi. In Alabama only 26% of voters believe in it, while 60% do not. In Mississippi just 22% believe in it, while 66% do not. Romney wins the ‘voters who believe in evolution’ vote (33-27 over Gingrich in Alabama, 38-32 over Gingrich in Mississippi.) Santorum wins the ‘voters who don’t believe in evolution’ vote (34-33 over Gingrich in both Alabama and Mississippi with Romney at 26%)


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One Response to This is Mississippi

  1. P. Temple says:

    The Hate is ingrained deep, held tightly, never to be released. It always has been, throughout the dark, bloody history of the South.

    Welcome to another sad, twisted face..of America. Logic, common sense, reason…does not matter to these.

    When you hear the song by Billie Holliday, “Strange Fruit”?…
    This is its birthplace; put simply, the spawning grounds of this uniquely American evil.

    As they die out, we will see more of this, for the Hate that drives them is not yet dead, but make no mistake; we will see more of their Hate before these.. aberrations.. are erased in the fullness of time.

    And at some level, they know this, and strain and rail against it, but it is inevitable, irresistible,and coming closer, slowly, day by day…until finally,it stands in the light of day…the End of The South.
    They fear, in their hearts, that President Barack Obama was only the beginning.

    They are right.

    Obama in 2012.

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