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Romney’s advice to struggling college aspirants: borrow money from your parents

The mind reels.

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(Video) Flashback: Joy on Hardball, on that strange, bloody Zimmerman photo

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about this April 20 segment, so here it is again. I still have the same question, several days later: who took that picture allegedly of George Zimmerman’s bloody head on the night he shot … Continue reading

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Richard Viguerie, and the gospel of wealth

Sometimes, it’s better when people just make things plain. Richard Viguerie, in a commentary on Politico’s Arena blog, has made it plain.

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This week’s Herald column: Marco Rubio and the ‘magical minority’ theory

This week’s Herald column tackles the GOP’s, and my fellow members of the political media’s obsession with Marco Rubio as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

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Ted Nugent: draft dodger (deadbeat dad and creepy ‘teen dater’ too)

Ted Nugent is not only standing by his violent rhetoric regarding the president, he doubled down today, which is why the Secret Service will be paying him a visit Thursday. But for all his tough guy, gunslinging rhetoric, the real … Continue reading

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Read this: Steve Schale explains Central Florida (with bonus polling geekery)

The ethnic mix in Central Florida is changing, and not in the way you might think.

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Ted Nugent is not a mildly amusing, quirky, aging rock and reality star

He’s a rhetorically violent psychopath. So why isn’t he a pariah in Republican circles?

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Measuring the drapes: Ann and Mitt Romney say, ‘it’s our turn’

Normally, it’s not a good thing to appear too entitled, when running for president. Normally.

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Santo heads for the exits

Rick Santorum grabs the news cycle today, officially ending his bid for president.

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R.I.P. Mike Wallace

Like so many people who grew up watching him on “60 Minutes,” I am saddened today. Condolences to his family. On the other hand, 93 is a good run, for a guy who had a great career that made a … Continue reading

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