(Video) Flashback: Joy on Hardball, on that strange, bloody Zimmerman photo

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about this April 20 segment, so here it is again. I still have the same question, several days later: who took that picture allegedly of George Zimmerman’s bloody head on the night he shot Trayvon Martin? How did that person get onto an active crime scene? How can we authenticate a picture that comes out so long after the fact, and which apparently has not been in the possession of law enforcement?

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And then there’s this…

George Zimmerman can be seen on surveillance video entering the Sanford Police Station 36 minutes after the shooting, by the time stamp. At that point, he is not bleeding, though the police report says he was bleeding from the head and nose when he was treated at the scene. So that means that this wound stopped bleeding within something like a half hour. So someone got close enough to Zimmerman to take that picture WHILE THE WOUND WAS STILL BLOODY, before he was treated by EMS. How, again, does someone who isn’t a cop or an EMS tech get that close TO A CRIME SCENE? Questions that beg for answers, like so much of this case.

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3 Responses to (Video) Flashback: Joy on Hardball, on that strange, bloody Zimmerman photo

  1. Vasha says:

    Better question is when was the picture taken, bc he had on two different jackets. The bloody picture he had on a red jacket, but the police video he had on a black and red jacket. Plus, where is the bandages of his head was bleeding that bad?

  2. Bee says:

    I don’t think the answers to these questions are all that difficult.

    From what I understand, a neighbor took the photo of his head, and there are others. It was apparently a neighbor who heard the cries for help and then the shot, and who ran outside to see what had happened.

    The police arrived within one minute of the shooting. If my understanding is accurate, the neighbor took the photos with his cell phone within two minutes of the arrival of the police. The time stamp on the phone / photo should verify exactly when it was taken. Who knows – there might be GPS ping records from the phone that would indicate whether the cell phone photographer was in the area of Zimmerman and Martin’s body at that exact moment.

    Police arrive on the scene to find something they did not anticipate. They thought they were going to meet up with Zimmerman so he could give a description of the person who had been wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood. Instead, they arrived to find a murder scene. Neighbors were probably already descending on the scene. They probably knew Zimmerman and probably were all frantically talking when the police arrived.

    “What happened?”

    “This guy… he was walking around and I was following him and I lost him and was headed to my car and he jumped me and….”

    “Crap, you’re bleeding on the back of you head!”


    I don’t know how long it takes police to ‘secure a crime scene’. I don’t know what happens as there is a small posse of neighbors standing there with stories to tell the police about what they saw and heard. I don’t know how things ‘look’ while one officer is performing CPR on a just-shot and unresponsive person while another is calling EMT’s.

    But it does not surprise me that somebody had access to his head during those chaotic moments and took photos. Police had just been on the scene for 120 seconds and had a victim to tend to first.

    No bleeding? Not necessarily a big deal. Around here, emergency personnel are apt to use that ‘liquid stitches’ stuff – essentially super glue for lacerations. If the EMT’s cleaned him up at the scene, they easily could have put that substance across the wounds. http://makezineblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/superglue.jpg

    And I believe the clothes are the same in both photos. The jacket is red with black trim and accents.

  3. Bamaboi7997 says:

    Yeah, they claim to have the metadata information from the iphone that it was taken on with the timestamp close to the time of the murder. But Joi is making a better question, who took it, what authority do they have to be in the crime scene and etc. If this was legit, the city or law enforcement could have released it way sooner than this. The city of Sandford & the SPD ia tore up from the floor up.

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