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Why the GOP plays the vote blocking card

It’s not hard to understand why Republicans tend to fall back on a strategy of reducing the share of black, brown and young people who are eligible to vote, while seeming to whip up resentment among working class white Americans: … Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: GOP gaming the vote

A clip: An insidious trend has emerged over the last several election cycles, whereby the Republican Party, faced with looming demographic Armageddon, has found ever more creative ways to kneecap the opposing team. In shorthand: The game is that if … Continue reading

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On Memorial Day…

… a heartfelt “thank you” to all of those who have given their last. And to those still in harm’s way…

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What the Roberts court wrought

The New Yorker takes a grim look at the Supreme Court, and how it’s chief justice engineered the kicking down of the barriers between corporations and the buying of American democracy.

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What Eduardo Saverin owes America

Farhad Manjoo nails it.

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In which I attempt to debate this guy from the American Spectator (and a tea party guy)

… on the Kudlow Report. You just kind of have to watch it for yourself.

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Today’s Herald column: JP Morgan’s helpful reminder

Because how quickly we forget…

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Watch in full: Joe Bidern’s ‘they just don’t get us’ speech

From Ohio, Wednesday:

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I didn’t make that term up, though I wish I had. But I can tell you a lot of people have it. Bad, after JP Morgan Chase honcho Jamie Dimons steps in it, big time.

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Dick Lugar’s epic exit letter

Dick Lugar lost his bid for re-election yesterday, ceding the primary to a tea party candidate. But he didn’t go quietly.

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