Dick Lugar’s epic exit letter


Dick Lugar lost his bid for re-election yesterday, ceding the primary to a tea party candidate. But he didn’t go quietly.

Here’s a clip from Lugar’s exit letter:

Unfortunately, we have an increasing number of legislators in both parties who have adopted an unrelenting partisan viewpoint. This shows up in countless vote studies that find diminishing intersections between Democrat and Republican positions. Partisans at both ends of the political spectrum are dominating the political debate in our country. And partisan groups, including outside groups that spent millions against me in this race, are determined to see that this continues. They have worked to make it as difficult as possible for a legislator of either party to hold independent views or engage in constructive compromise. If that attitude prevails in American politics, our government will remain mired in the dysfunction we have witnessed during the last several years. And I believe that if this attitude expands in the Republican Party, we will be relegated to minority status. Parties don’t succeed for long if they stop appealing to voters who may disagree with them on some issues.

Read the whole thing here.

And here’s one Hoosier’s take on what the tea party has wrought.

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One Response to Dick Lugar’s epic exit letter

  1. Rupert says:

    Good points; it’s a shame they never have the guts to say it until they’ve lost and are leaving office.

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