Campbell Brown: GOP hatchet-woman?

Campbell Brown

Campbell Brown

She used to be a journalist, but Campbell Brown’s new role is far more interesting: she’s becoming the female voice of the GOP.

Brown, who worked for CNN and NBC, is married to former Bush administration operative and now Mitt Romney adviser Dan Senor. She has written her second op-ed for the New York Times, rapping Planned Parenthood for being insufficiently bipartisan (read: why aren’t you nicer to Republicans?) In her first, she went after President Obama for being “condescending” to women (by being in favor of things most women support, and for not recognizing that most of the women she went to preparatory school with don’t need the evil federal gov’mint to be their nanny. They have their OWN nannies, after all.)

It’s just two op-eds, but given her husband’s position in the Romney cartel, and her savvy with the news media, Brown has the potential to serve as the GOP’s spokesmom, in a sense, to women. She presents a much less harsh, “mean girl” image than, say, Sarah Palin, and is less embarrassing than Michele Bachmann. And she pushes her veneer of “non-partisanship” as a former news person, even though it’s clear from her writing that she is a conservative Republican.

Let’s see if she turns up as a GOP convention speaker, or gets her next gig on Fox. (No, she wont be on the ticket, having claimed to be pro choice.)

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8 Responses to Campbell Brown: GOP hatchet-woman?

  1. Kerry Reid says:

    I blame the NY Times for running her op/eds, given that she has, via her husband, a clear fiduciary interest in the success of the Romney campaign and shouldn’t be writing political op/eds AT ALL. But the fact that her husband is a senior Romney campaign adviser should CERTAINLY be contained within her bio each and every time.

  2. rikyrah says:

    yeah, how dare Planned Parenthood not be nice to the mofos that want to SHUT THEM DOWN.

    I don’t know what’s going on in their silly minds.

  3. rupert says:

    Speaking of Sunday op-ed hell, the Sun-Sentinel rag had one by Allen West.

    Thank God for the Herald with Pitts and Hiaason (and sometimes Reid).

  4. JReid says:

    In fact, Rupert, my column in the Herald runs every other Thursday, including this coming Thursday. Check it out! :)


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  6. Tere says:

    I never liked her. I guess my gut picker has gotten better through the years.

  7. Socialkenny says:

    Wow,this is news to me.

    I haven’t watched CNN in a year,but I never actually heard any pro-GOP sentiments from her in the past.

  8. Lori Jackson says:

    Hi Joy,

    Not surprised at this report. I have never liked this woman’s reporting. It has always appeared biased. As for you, I am a fan! Keep up the great work on MSNBC! Cheers to you!

    Lori J.

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