It happened on Father’s Day: Rodney King dead, ‘stop and frisk’ at issue, immigration debated

Rodney King beating

This has certainly been an eventful Father’s Day …

Rodney King was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool by his fiancee, who just happens to be one of the jurors (the only black juror, in fact,) from his 1994 lawsuit against the LAPD. King, who was 47, was the man whose beating at the hands of police, and their subsequent acquittal, sparked the L.A. riots. TheGrio has coverage and links, including to a heart wrenching LA Times profile of King 20 years later, here.

And in eerie but true: this was King’s post-interview interview after appearing on “The Last Word” in April:

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King died on the same day Rev. Al Sharpton planned a silent march through New York city to oppose a modern-day version of what many civil libertarians consider a form of police brutality: the “stop and frisk” policy that has meant indignity for more than 100,000 black and brown young men every year. Sharpton issued a statement about King’s death.

And Twitter reacted too, and sometimes not with much decorum…

More on King, 20 years on, from the LA Times. And where are the key figures from the riots?

Also Sunday, the fallout continues from the president’s ground-breaking announcement on immigration reform, saying the feds will no longer deport young immigratnss who would have been eligible for the DREAM Act, had congress bothered to pass it.

Mitt Romney refused five times to specify what he thought of the president’s gambit on immigration, when questioned about it by CBS’ Bob Schieffer.

Marco Rubio, who let’s face it, just got chumped by the POTUS on his rather slow attempt to save the GOP from itself with Hispanics, has been cautiously nebulous himself, but he may drop his attempt at a Senate immigration fix, now that the president has jumped ahead of him in line.

The move may pay great dividends for Obama and Democrats in November, not surprisingly. Which means Republicans will likely go even harder right on immigration, to balance potential increased turnout among Hispanics with super-duper-mega turnout among disaffected white voters.

And more proof, if we needed it, that Joe Lieberman hates the Democratic Party.

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