This week’s Herald column: the apostasy of John Ellis Bush

Cartoon by the great Jim Morin. See more Morin toons here.

How did Jeb Bush, the arch conservative former governor of Florida — Mr. Voter Caging 2000 — Mr Right Wing, suddenly become a RINO to the new, far right breed of Republicans (and a darling of the political media)?

… Mostly by not being completely insane. But that doesn’t mean he’s not still Jeb Bush. A clip from this week’s column:

If you live long enough, life presents you with delicious ironies, like Jeb Bush becoming the “last reasonable Republican in America.”

He has captured the imagination of a media eager to validate the truism that there are equal measures of reasonableness and madness on both sides.

Yes, the same Jeb Bush who perfected the kind of massive voter purges that his lesser understudy, current Florida Gov. Rick Scott, is blundering through. Jeb’s version even featured the same flawed name matching — against lists of felons — versus Scott’s clumsy mash-up between Hispanic and other “foreign-sounding” surnames and the crack efficiency of the DMV. Of course, Jeb never managed to get sued by the feds for violating the Voting Rights Act.

The same Jeb(!) who developed a reputation as something of a Capitol bully — canceling affirmative action in Florida by fiat, then demanding that state police kick protesting lawmakers’ “asses” out of his office — is now a paragon of reasonableness, advocating political compromise.

The Bush who never met a corporate tax cut he didn’t like, and who even advocated giving taxpayer money to families to send their children to religious schools — that guy — is now too liberal for the GOP for hinting that a 10-to-1 ratio of spending cuts to revenue (tax) increases isn’t the essence of Marxism.

And that makes him, by default, the sanest guy in the Republican rubber room.

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One Response to This week’s Herald column: the apostasy of John Ellis Bush

  1. Flo says:

    Nice column, and a good reminder that wherever you go, a Bush is never far away.

    JEB was ‘Mr. Privatize Everything’ long before Paul Ryan or Ricky Scott.

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