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In which Michael Tomasky calls Mitt Romney a wimp

“Dodging reporters, fearing his base, hiding his taxes—is Mitt Romney just too insecure to be president? In Newsweek, Michael Tomasky surveys a history of presidential manliness and asks just where Mitt would fit amid the studly swagger of Dubya and … Continue reading

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UPDATED (with video): Well this is no way to restore the Anglo-Saxon relationship

So Mitt Romney heads off to England to prove his foreign policy chops, and this is how it goes… (photo from Buzzfeed)

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This week’s Herald column: Wayne LaPierre’s kind of war

Wayne LaPierre knows how to collect a check (in the photo above, from Glock.) He knows less about actually wielding an assault rifle.

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Slate documents Romney’s lather, rinse, repeat strategy on abortion

William Saletan’s epic documentation of the SEVEN different positions on the issue of abortion taken by Mitt Romney throughout his political career.

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This man will never let us have gun control

Michael Bloomberg is right, but it doesn’t matter. Wayne La Pierre’s NRA will never let gun control happen. And no American politician in current existence has the cojones to make him.

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(Video) Charles Blow’s epic TLW rant: ‘the GOP’s drunk uncle loses it’

This has to have been one of my favorite appearances on “The Last Word” with the great Lawrence O’Donnell … tied with the night before, when Lawrence gave the Limbaugh take down for the ages. Tonight, however, it was Charles … Continue reading

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No freaking out about that Florida presidential poll

I know it’s tempting. But some perspective, please, when it comes to the poll showing the presidential race deadlocked in Florida.

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WATCH: The Obama campaign’s brutal new Romney ad

You cringe all the way through. And not just because of the singing… And the media verdict?

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Mitt Romney’s very real (and growing) Bain problem

The Boston Globe bombshell about the true length of Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital is a monster with the potential to metastasize.

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(Parody) Obama’s got 99 problems, but Mitt ain’t one

Let’s just call it one of the perks of being the first black president. Your send-ups cast you as Jay Z. This one’s by a Youtube parody artist called “Alphacat.” Hat tip to TheGrio.

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