The Romney ‘aborted fetal disposal’ story: bigger than ‘is ACA a tax?’


David Corn’s Mother Jones scoop about Romney’s continued investment n Bain Capital after he claimed to have bern out of the business is the sleeper story of he political season.

… It’s bigger, in way, than the question of whether the healthcare mandate is a tax. Why? Because Corn uncovered something that goes to the heart of Romney’s ability to keep the evangelical portion of his base energized in November. Corn reported:

Earlier this year, Mitt Romney nearly landed in a politically perilous controversy when the Huffington Post reported that in 1999 the GOP presidential candidate had been part of an investment group that invested $75 million in Stericycle, a medical-waste disposal firm that has been attacked by anti-abortion groups for disposing aborted fetuses collected from family planning clinics. Coming during the heat of the GOP primaries, as Romney tried to sell South Carolina Republicans on his pro-life bona fides, the revelation had the potential to damage the candidate’s reputation among values voters already suspicious of his shifting position on abortion.

But Bain Capital, the private equity firm Romney founded, tamped down the controversy. The company said Romney left the firm in February 1999 to run the troubled 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and likely had nothing to with the deal. The matter never became a campaign issue. But documents filed by Bain and Stericycle with the Securities and Exchange Commission—and obtained by Mother Jones—list Romney as an active participant in the investment. And this deal helped Stericycle, a company with a poor safety record, grow, while yielding tens of millions of dollars in profits for Romney and his partners. The documents—one of which was signed by Romney—also contradict the official account of Romney’s exit from Bain.

Corn writes that the key importance of the story is that Romney may have been at Bain longer than advertised. But if the story on the aborted fetus disposal gains traction on the right, it could make. Tough for Romney to keep the evangelical part f his base in line. That’s not to day thy’d vote for President Obama, but in a close race, Mitt can’t afford for anyone on his side to stay home.

The caveat is that right wingers might not believe a report that appears in Mother Jones. And righties may reject the story out of hand out f a desire to back Romney a all coss against the hated Obama (one comment i’m seeing is that somebody had to do the dsposal, and at least the company wasn’t performing abortions. And to the extent liberals highlight the story, as Lawrence O’Donnell did on MSNBC tonight, conservatives will likely distrust t.

For now, the tax story is more vexing for Romney. Bu keep an eye on the trajectory of this story.

Read the full piece here.

And peep some con v con batlle-botting here.

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4 Responses to The Romney ‘aborted fetal disposal’ story: bigger than ‘is ACA a tax?’

  1. J says:

    What next, Adelson chinese prostituton proceeds funding Mitt, aborted fetuses, oh and now Mitts best buddy in London who was giving a huge fund raiser there for Mitt has had to step down as CEO of Barclays with immediate effect because of a huge banking scandal.

    Heaven help us if Mitt were elected, there would be paybacks to every crook he is in bed with.

  2. Nunya says:

    Why isn’t this on the front page of every major paper and at the top of the news for every network and cable (esp. Fox) news hour?

  3. j says:

    Last night Matt Tabbai spoke to Elliot Spitzer on Current TV about the new banking scandal. He also has an article in Rolling Stone.
    The title – and my question -
    Why isn’t everyone freaking out?
    I for one am scared this could be as big as the last banking scandal, Romney
    seems to be in the midst of it because these are his friends and are funding him.

  4. Flo says:

    I think the Brits are sufficiently freaking out J; but powerful people manipulating the markets is pretty normal, isn’t it? A good message would be some rich bodies ending up in prison.

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