UPDATED (with video): Well this is no way to restore the Anglo-Saxon relationship


So Mitt Romney heads off to England to prove his foreign policy chops, and this is how it goes… (photo from Buzzfeed)

First, before Mitt even touches down and says his first stiff thing about Britania, some unnamed “adviser” boasts that a President Romney understands the uniqueness of the Anglo-Saxon heritage or some such drivel, and unlike Barack (Son of an African) Obama, will set it back to right, in part by jamming Winston Churchill’s bust onto a podium in the West Wing … or something…

So of course, Team Romney has to spend an entire day repudiating.

Then, Mitt (The Olympics Know-It-All) disses London’s Olympic games prep during an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams:

“The stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials, that obviously is not something which is encouraging,” Mr. Romney said in an interview with NBC on Tuesday.

… prompting snark like this, along with a snappy reverse double diss from conservative (meaning “should be friendly with ‘severely conservative’ Willard”) P.M. David Cameron.

Way to go, Mitt! Can’t wait to get a peep at how you’d handle Syria! Just don’t send Assad’s missus any shoes

UPDATE 2: This what getting clowned in front of 60,000 screaming Brits looks like. Damn.

UPDATE 4: Michael Eric Dyson and British humorist Martin Lewis of the Huffington Post (@theMartinLewis) have a lot of fun at Mitt’s expense on the “Ed Show” on MSNBC:

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And then, it was John Fugelsang (“Anglo-Saxon, please!), Jimmy Williams and Ilyse Hogue’s turn to have at the Mittster:

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4 Responses to UPDATED (with video): Well this is no way to restore the Anglo-Saxon relationship

  1. Flo says:

    The idea of Condi Rice as running mate was something of a joke, but by the time the Mittman stumblies thru this overseas trip, he’ll be wishing he had someone on his list with more foreign policy cred than Pawlenty, Portman and Marco. Welcome back Dick Cheney?

  2. majii says:

    I want to commend you on your recent appearances on MSNBC, Ms. Joy Reid. You make this retired teacher very proud. Keep up the good work and keep standing up for the right things. As for Romney, he has more money that he has brains and tact. One would think that with as much money as he has flowing into his campaign coffers, that he could have hired someone to teach him proper protocol for each nation he plans to visit on his jaunt. His faux pas have to be embarrassing for someone like Romney who has always been told he is master of all he surveys, but then, he’s never been to Britain while pretending to be a high level politician.

  3. Len S says:

    Agree with everything but I think the prime minister’s name is David Cameron. James Cameron is the director of the movie “Titanic”. Although I guess that would also fit in this context.

  4. pearl says:

    Obviously, Romney and his campaign people have been busy trying to paint Pres. Obama as something “foreign” and “other than,” when they should have been focused on making sure their own candidate knows how to properly interact with real people — something which comes naturally to most of us, and especially so to Pres. Obama.

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