This week’s Herald column: the politics of theft

Forgot to post this on Thursday.

A clip:

Romney has apparently decided that a little dignity is a small price to pay for a chance to be president. And so, facing an ongoing storm over allegations by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Ringside) that Romney welched on his taxes for a decade, and that he would raise taxes on 95 percent of Americans in order to give himself, Lady Ann of Rafalca and their 1-percenter friends a six-figure tax cut, Mitt has grabbed the banner of racial resentment with both hands.

This week, his campaign released an ad claiming Obama is taking the “work” out of the Clinton-era “welfare to work” law.

Soon, the narrator ominously warns, people will get their government checks without working. Nothing in the ad is true, and Republicans, including Romney, have long sought waivers granting states flexibility in implementing welfare reform.

It’s as cynical a form of politics as there is, and a desperate sign from a campaign that hasn’t figured out a way to distract from the tax issue or prove Reid a liar without actually releasing Mitt’s tax returns. (Inventing the word “Obamaloney” didn’t work?)

It’s not easy running for president as a “rich guy’s rich guy,” and still keep the working stiffs on your side. (So you and your friend Paul Ryan can turn their Medicare into coupons.)

Read the whole thing here.

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