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Is Sam Jackson’s election ad the best thing ever? Hell, m***f***n yeah!

Yes, m***f***s, it is.

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This week’s Herald column: ‘Are you there, losers? It’s me, Mitt’

Okay, that’s not what my editor, Myriam, titled the column. But she could have, because post Boca video disaster, Mitt Romney – the plutocrat who would be president – now faces the daunting task of rallying, or just facing, a … Continue reading

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Saying what you mean: Mitt Romney disses half of American voters

Mother Jones got the scoop of the day, and maybe of the campaign. In this secretly recorded video at an undated fundraiser, Mitt Romney explains why he’s having trouble attracting nearly half of U.S. voters (basically because they’re freeloaders and … Continue reading

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Nagging questions about those global ‘movie protests’

The protests are continuing to spread around the world, ostensibly over not an anti-Muslim movie, but the trailer for an anti-Muslim movie, that it’s not even clear very many people actually saw. That’s just one thing about this whole episode … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney as Mr. Nobody

… and not from the left. Read on.

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The age of unreality: Paul Ryan edition

You really have to hear these interviews to believe them. Paul Ryan, the Republican VP nominee, actually tried to tell Norah O’Donnell of Face the Nation that while he voted for the sequestration bill that includes both CURRENT and potential … Continue reading

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Run, Charlie, run (with bonus DNC video)

Yes, Charlie Crist should run for Florida governor again. And he should do so as a Democrat.

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