Run, Charlie, run (with bonus DNC video)

Charlie Crist - Cartoon from the Crowley Report

Charlie Crist. (Cartoon by Brian Crowley of the Crowley Report)

Yes, Charlie Crist should run for Florida governor again. And he should do so as a Democrat. Column here.

So what do actual Democrats think of the idea of a Crist candidacy 2.0? Here are some voices from last week’s Democratic National Convention, who I talked to on the arena floor in Charlotte:

At least with this group, the “ayes” have it.

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One Response to Run, Charlie, run (with bonus DNC video)

  1. Right. Charlie Crist didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left him. So that says that HE didn’t evolve a more Democratic set of values, but that his values remain that of a 2008 moderate Republican.

    Perfect candidate for the Democratic Party of Florida!

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