The age of unreality: Paul Ryan edition

You really have to hear these interviews to believe them. Paul Ryan, the Republican VP nominee, actually tried to tell Norah O’Donnell of Face the Nation that while he voted for the sequestration bill that includes both CURRENT and potential defense cuts, he really didn’t vote for the cuts themselves. Seriously:

It just gets worse from there …

Ryan seems to think that by simply using the words “Bob Woodward” and “Norah” and “no, no,” he is convincing anyone who is still sentient, that he voted for a bill but didn’t really vote for it, and that his criticism of cuts he VOTED FOR is in any way valid. Because, Norah, the goal was never to have these cuts occur…

Ryan continued his “befuddle the host” tour of the Sunday shows on “This Week,” where George Stephanopoulos had an equally hard time tethering the earnest young congressman to reality:

Paul Ryan also voted against the 9/11 first responders bill — THREE TIMES — but don’t try telling that to Paul Ryan.

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4 Responses to The age of unreality: Paul Ryan edition

  1. Trish says:

    Man! I see why their polls numbers are so weak. I had no idea how awful they are at articulating their strategy.

  2. majii says:

    Anyone who has watched republican politicians in action for as long as I have shouldn’t be surprised that their policies represent a conservative wishlist, or that they have the major focus of making the middle class and the poor support the business ventures and lifestyles of the richest among us. From Reagan’s trickle down economics to the Romney/Ryan plan, none of the republicans’ policies have even been focused on improving the lives of the average American. For republicans, the only role the average American plays in politics is to supply the votes that put them in office.

    Ms. Joy Ann Reid, I was reading a blog today on which you were cited by a blogger as one of the best pundits on MSNBC. I agree, and I think your appearances on the network has elevated the discourse and given it a bounce. For the first time in 16 years, MSNBC’s daytime numbers beat other networks!

  3. Joan says:

    Romney/Ryan have much in common, they are both empty suits and they are both liars. Heaven help us if the voter rigging and dirty money buy the election for them.
    Europe has said – if the US votes Romney as president we will lose standing in the world.

  4. Jreid says:

    Thanks Majii! I won’t take any credit for the ratings, but appreciate the support :)

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