How do you debate a man who’s willing to lie with a smile on his face?

So… about that $5 trillion tax plan I’ve been running on for a year…

Remember back during the GOP primary when Newt Gingrich called Mitt Romney a liar? Well…

The Obama campaign has to adjust itself to the reality that they are debating someone who lies both aggressively and effortless about his own plans and record. Romney did that last night — eagerly and with tremendous, obvious glee. Whatever kudos he’s getting from the media for his performance, that’s an inescapable, fact checker head exploding truth.

Rolling Stone lays out the five biggest whoppers. And there are signs that the Obama team is adjusting their strategy based on last night. My guess: you will soon begin to see ads in swing states contrasting Romney’s critically acclaimed performance Wednesday with what he’s actually promised on the campaign trail. Rope-a-dope indeed…

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8 Responses to How do you debate a man who’s willing to lie with a smile on his face?

  1. Adnildyob says:

    I googled ‘ does Mormonism condone lying, dishonesty’? I was surprised there was a slew of info. It’s stunning how Romney lies so smoothly, with a smile. Seems he had a lifetime of practice. This habit is not learned overnite. This is worth a google…interesting!

  2. Claire says:

    The Obama team is smart and they will adjust. I’m just glad that they are wise enough to recognize that there needs to be a change.

  3. You nailed it Joy. And I would add: This is a man who lies with such ease and APLOMB, and he actually ASSUMES that people have to accept and BELIEVE his lies! I am completely disgusted by Romney and his followers.

  4. Patricia Kayden says:

    Joy Ann,

    Can I say how much I love you?!! I see you every day on various MSNBC shows. YOU NEED YOUR OWN SHOW, GIRL!

    President Obama has 2 more debates to go. I’m sure he’ll be better in those ones. He probably was overwhelmed by all the lying.

    Saw this video on “The Obama Diary” website, which sums up what Romney did during the first debate:

  5. Karen Fain says:

    Joy, Love you on all the MSNBC shows you are on. If you went to high school in Denver as Joy Lomena, I think I was your AP European history teacher. I always knew you would do great things.

  6. Grey Treed says:

    PLEASE JOY GO TO JOHN SUNUNUU’S FACEBOOK PAGE AND SEE WHAT HE WROTE ABOUT ANDREA MITCHELL AND YOU CAN BREAK NEWS EXACT QUOTE ” this is part of why I dont like Andrea. Also she is a woman that thinks she is as smart or smarter than a man and thats not god’s word”

  7. Grey Treed says:

    disregard some jerk pretends to be him on facebook and fooled some of us!

  8. Ray Sabell says:

    When Romney or Ryan change the position they have had (lie). Obama and Bidden must take a few seconds and move the issue back where they (Romney/Ryan) were just days ago. Redefine Romney’s position to where it was and then attack the old position. If Romney says that is not his position, Obama says “It was last week and will most likely be next week”. Or something that points out Romney changes his position more than most people change their underwear. Obama must do two things. Obama must define Romney’s real position and then attack, attack and attack and mock him. I think Romney has issues with his ego.

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