Mitt Romney wants to sell you a handy-dandy Hoover (with bonus ‘Midnight Hardball’ video)

My latest column at theGrio, in which I discover who Mitt Romney really is: a door-to-door salesman. (Photo from Democratic Underground, where you can find lots more where that came from.)

Also, check out this clip from Midnight Hardball on Debate 3 Night after the jump…

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A clip from the column:

Throughout much of the campaign season, political analysts have asked variations on the question, “who is Mitt Romney?”

Is he the Massachusetts moderate or the “severe conservative”? The guy whose campaign torched fellow Republicans during the primary and ran “welfare queens” TV ads against Obama in the general to rile up economically insecure white voters, or the conciliator who, gosh darn it, just wants to work with Democrats in Washington to create jobs?

Would the monocled, ice cold capitalist who “extracts profits” from U.S. companies and ships their jobs to China show up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20, 2012, or the kindly Mormon minister?

During last night’s third and final presidential debate, which was as tonally different, at least on Romney’s part, from the first debate as night is from day, I think we found out. Mitt Romney is exactly who he has always said he is: a businessman. Before now, we just didn’t know what business he was in. Now we do, and it’s door-to-door sales.

And since his the product he’s currently hawking in America’s neighborhoods is President Romney — a product with few defining features other than tremendous wealth and invisible tax returns — Mitt is engaged in a rather cynical, but also very simple, marketing campaign.

When the customer was the far right tea party, Romney sold them austerity. He picked Paul Ryan to be the division chief for his Medicare voucherizing, poor people’s programs slashing unit. He boasted to a claque of rich donors that in his mind, the 47 percent of America who are deadbeats shouldn’t look to him for salvation.

When the customer was evangelical Christians, the Mormon from Massachusetts/Michigan/Mexico or wherever he needs to be from in the moment, pitched harsh measures to restrict or even outlaw abortion and contraception. Having finally won over his initial target market, salesman Romney moved on to women. He likes women! He even ordered a binder full of them back in Massachusetts! And what’s that you say about contraception? By debate #2, the collateral on that had been completely redesigned. …

And you can read the whole thing at TheGrio.

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3 Responses to Mitt Romney wants to sell you a handy-dandy Hoover (with bonus ‘Midnight Hardball’ video)

  1. j says:

    I really want to see the Donald Trump documentary You’ve been Trumped’ all I can get on Youtube is the trailer would love for someone to find it and post it online!

  2. Femi says:

    Mitt Romney always remind me of the products sales man like you rightly mentioned and each time he opens his mouth, it is scary especially seconds father he’s refuting what he just said. Now is racism the the chicken head Donald Trump and Idiot I see Russia from my window.

  3. Hilda Banks says:

    J, you are looking good, girl! Mitts is like a used car salesman who comes out so friendly and then you buy the car and then the car breaks down and you try to get in touch with him but he never answers his phone the

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