Scenes from Chipotle: the most awesome Mitt Romney photo op … ever

Somebody in Denver get me the name of that brother. And contact info! (The photo is real, captions by satirist Lalo Alcaraz.)

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10 Responses to Scenes from Chipotle: the most awesome Mitt Romney photo op … ever

  1. Gene says:

    Well Flip, Flop,Flip seems to be embracing Obama’s plans which is good for the Nation, including not revoking 2 year visa’s, humanizing women and such. Zinger for Obama, Mr. Romney being your embracing all my ideas; you so hotly contested previously; it sounds like I may now have won your vote to continue being your President; I’m honored to accept your endorsement.

  2. Diane says:

    And today he’s saying he won’t deport young children brought here illegally years ago. Flip Flop Flip Flop. Does anyone believe anything Romney says now? He could just as easily say something different tomorrow or next week, next money, next year.

  3. Brooke Dolby says:

    Look at how the women are holding tightly onto each others hands. They are not in that picture willingly. That man’s face looks like his shoulder is burning from Mitt’s hand being there. The only one having fun with it is “Darryl” (he kinda looks like the Fresh Prince of Belair hamming it up). The only one having fun.

  4. Mike says:

    The guy on the right is doing the “My black friend” pose from Steven Colbert, except now it is “My white friend”

  5. Incredibly, I;m almost in agreement with Romney. Illegal workers are in the country because somebody with a lot of money promised them cash if they could get past the border and show up. This is a promise they kept and continue to keep. People like Sheriff Joe like to keep the focus on the workers and not the funders who are too cheap to pay Americans a decent wage. It would make him uncomfortable to arrest rich people, even if they are plainly breaking the law. Lots of them are campaign contributors. Follow the money. Take that away and some self deportation will happen

  6. JS says:

    NAFTA destroyed small farmers in Mexico, and that’s why so many of them came to the USA.

  7. nanci says:

    LOL.. Romney ran off to his bus and took a quick ‘shower’ after THAT photo op. That man walks with a stick up his butt… very wierd.. Maybe it is a Mormon thing..

  8. John Cowden says:

    Caption: Pick the Hispanic?

  9. gina Hugh says:

    Mr. O’Donnell YOUR ARE THE BEST>>>> America Loves you !!!!!!

  10. dan mckee says:

    ah, Mr Romney, ah, my folks can’t give me a loan to start my own busines, so, ah, CAN YOU????

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