The Daily Caller / Drudge / Hannity major fail: Obama’s 2007 speech is really … uplifting (full video)

Based on this BLARING HEADLINE and eerily blurred screen capture, you’d think Barack Obama stood up and declared death to white America …

… instead of a really inspiring campaign speech, which is what this SHOCK VIDEO OF OBAMA in 2007 actually is … Dang, Tucker. Care for some bacon for that egg on your face?

Here’s the full video of that SHOCKING SPEECH, in which then presidential candidate Barack Obama calls for community, parental responsibility, roads that can carry low income people to work, and oh yes, reliance on a powerful and loving God. Marxist… Oh, and he acknowledges the presence of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who he said introduced him to “a man named Jesus” some years back. Natch. But overall, all that the right has succeeded in doing is reviving a truly inspiring, positive, and frankly awesome speech, which sounds the kinds of hopeful, unifying themes the Obama campaign 2012 hasn’t felt it could. So thanks for that, guys. You should sign up for Organizing for America.

Note that nowhere in the speech does Barack Obama:

1) state that the Bush administration failed New Orleans residents during Hurricane Katrina because they were black. In fact, he says that when asked if the failure was due to race, he answered “no, they were colorblind in their incompetence”
2) declare his hatred for white people — far form it, he called for Americans to come together across race and class to do such dastardly things as ensure that all Americans have access to jobs, education and healthcare…
3) say anything the least bit controversial.

He does, however, sound like a black person. Which I suppose for the right is in and of itself an act of racism. Also, the speech was extensively covered the year it was given — that year being 2007, including by Sean Hannity.

I almost feel sorry for the righties at this point.

A full transcript of the speech, delivered at Hampton University on June 5, 2007, is available here. By the way, it’s been available online … since 2007.

Meanwhile, I’m embarrassed, not just for Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Matt Drudge, but also for these commenters at the Daily Caller, whose level of ignorance is, frankly, staggering.

And don’t forget this guy:

Clearly, this crowd is speaking deep into the echo chamber. But dudes, people are LAUGHING AT YOU. Stop. Just stop.

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5 Responses to The Daily Caller / Drudge / Hannity major fail: Obama’s 2007 speech is really … uplifting (full video)

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  2. Alan says:

    MAY 27TH = Congressional Record 110th Congress (2007-2008) Page S6823
    Provide $ to victims of Katrina.
    Obama’s vote = Nay.

    JUNE 5TH = Phony speech doesn’t mention anything about how he voted against helping the people of LA.

    No one cares if you feel embarressed or sorry for the “righties.” Look at public record not divisive partisan bullshit.

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