(Video) On Hardball, James Lipton brilliantly explains Mitt Romney

Do Americans want a president… or a boss?

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8 Responses to (Video) On Hardball, James Lipton brilliantly explains Mitt Romney

  1. Karen says:

    Mitt Romney looks down on everyone. He is a narcissist and that’s what they do. They are incapable of normal, equal human relationships. They have no empathy, only fake it, which is why he made the Libya blunder, the binders-of-women blunder, and was so rude to the President. He doesn’t have a natural instinct for how people will take things and what is appropriate, because those cogs in his machinery, that most of us take for granted, are simply missing.

  2. Joe says:

    You’re right Karen,and that may well explain his(Romney’s) behavior toward the President,but still,Romney’s disrespect for the President of the U.S. was disgusting and subhuman(your point),and,he did it last time too.
    This country is in deep trouble if they(repubs)win.

  3. Joe says:

    I meant Romney’s disrespect to the President was way way beyond the bounds of decency, and I hope people took due note of it.

  4. Dr. Godwill Okoro says:

    It is quite disturbing that many Americans are not seeing who Romney is really. As an American citizen from NIgeria, I have seen nothing honest and real about this salesman who wants to become an American President. All through these months of campaign, Romney Mitt or Mitt Romney or Mitt Ryan or other shades of Romney cannot be associated with a position on any issue. Unfortunately, the Democrats have punched him with kid gloves allowing him to stampede the landscape as a bully.He and his surrogates like Sununu etc have such disdain for the President. This was obvious and palpable in the second debate. It is NOW imperative for all pro Obama adherents to aggressively work out the last days of this campaign by zeroing on the Obama’s policies and programmes in SPECIFIC terms. Ms Reid and other visible pro Obama commentators must as a priority ask the President to hit the Romney team for a boundary so we can pull away from the opposition as we turn the last lap of this journey.The Foreign Policy Debate MUST deal a deadly blow to the presidential pretender.

  5. ceci says:

    James Lipton nails it! Summarizes it best. This video should be widely disseminated. It is language everyone can understand. Everyone!

  6. Baba Kofi says:

    I for one am getting feed up with the Republican lack of respect for the Office of the President of the United States of America and especially, this President. All TRUE American’s should be outraged that OUR country should be subjected to this type of disrespect by many who took pledges and oaths to uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States. Mitt is bad enough but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, now Tagg gave a public treat to the President. This should be investigated by Secret Service and if not charged, a public apology along with his removal from the campaign. It is time for Americans to stand up.

  7. Pamela says:

    Non Political James Lipton explains Romney so well that EVERYONE who votes should watch this video. This entire clip, including the debate examples, strips away all the noise from both sides and provides clear, concise facts about who each candidate is. Anyone who is undecided NEEDS to see this! Thank you, James Lipton

  8. B. Burgwin says:

    I have a few Questions that I wish someone would bring up:
    1. Why doesn’t Obama talk about his job bill that he announced at the state of the union?
    2. Why doesn’t someone say to him, you are talking about people not paying taxes but you have money in Bermuda, The Caymans, and Switzerland so you don’t have to pay taxes.
    3. If they lower the tax rates 20% does that mean the government will have to give Romney money since he only pays 14%.
    4. Considering what was going on in the middle east on 9/11, is it really so difficult to need time to figure out what really happened in Benghazi.
    5. Why doesn’t Obama say to Rmoney, the families of Chris Stevens and the other 3 people killed have asked that we not politicize the deaths of their loved ones, and I plan to do what they want.
    Just sayin’.

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