(Video) Mitt Romney gets agitated while speaking about Mormonism, abortion

Revealing video released by an Iowa radio station:

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3 Responses to (Video) Mitt Romney gets agitated while speaking about Mormonism, abortion

  1. Joan says:

    Can you imagine this man in the White House?
    He cannot hold a candle to ‘cool’ Obama.

  2. SpkTruth2Pwr says:

    It seems that Romney get’s flustered very easily on a lot of issues both personal, political, etc.

  3. Glenn Getscher says:

    although Joy has declared herself a professor/minister of religion in general, she recently quoted a scripture we can only assume came from the Old Testament (as Joy put it “The Good Book”) Jeremiah 10:10 in comparing this scripture to Sarah Palin’s use of the Christmas Tree as a part of Palin’s family’s celebration of Christmas. Since Joy is a notable and qualified master of scripture, please ingratiate us ignorant heathens/gentiles on which Jeremiah you were referring to, the 24th book as contained in the Old Testament or Hebrew Neviim.

    Glenn Getscher

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