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This was not John McCain’s finest hour…

Senator McCain came to the Senate hearings to bury his former friend and brother in arms Chuck Hagel, and to demand that Hagel bow down before the awesomeness of McCain’s beloved Iraq “surge.” And in so doing, he further buried … Continue reading

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Four things that are true (even if Republicans don’t want them to be)

The Republican Party continue to beat their heads with their open hands, wondering where it all went wrong. But the really, really bad news is that it’s going to keep going wrong. For a long, long time. Here are four … Continue reading

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Tom Joyner continues spanking Tavis Smiley

… like a boss.

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This week’s Herald article: the GOP’s plot to impose minority rule

It’s a pretty nefarious idea: impose the president of your choice on the country, by giving your candidate more delegates in states he didn’t win. Sound crazy? Third World? Nope, it’s the latest genius scheme from the GOP.

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What is wrong with these people?

Really, NRA?

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History has a sense of humor: why did Congress create the debt limit?

Leave it to the Washington Post to enthrall the geek in me with their irony-filled debt ceiling story…

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NRA digs in against gun control, or anything sane at all

The NRA isn’t having any of this “sanity” on gun control …

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Colin Powell chin checks the GOP: ‘dark vein of intolerance’ for minorities

Ouch, and double ouch … More here.

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This week’s Herald column: Hagel in … neocons out

Chuck Hagel isn’t perfect, but making him Secretary of Defense would go a long way toward showing neoconservatives the door. …

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John Boehner, the GOP insurgents and the perils of striking the king

A much younger John Boehner stands beside then House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whom Boehner would later turn on in a failed attempted coup. There is a saying in military lore, that if you’re going to strike the king, you’d better … Continue reading

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