Colin Powell chin checks the GOP: ‘dark vein of intolerance’ for minorities

Ouch, and double ouch …

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One Response to Colin Powell chin checks the GOP: ‘dark vein of intolerance’ for minorities

  1. joe common says:

    Colin Powell is too kind. The republican party does not have an identity crises – it has a morality crises. The word “conserve” means “to keep for future use” but it also has another implication as to “use sparingly” which would imply modesty which implies lack of greed. The republican party is nothing if not greedy. In the context of the proof being in the pudding, actions speaking louder than words, you are what you do, the republican party is the least conservative group of all. Instead they are and represent the most greedy and selfish lot of monsters we have seen since Stalin.

    The application of the word “conservative” was originated by i believe Wm F Buckley Jr. This was done at a time following the stealing of American lands from the Native Indians, the enslavement of Africans, the victory of economic empire building after having defeated japan for rubber from malaysia (always follow the money) but before civil rights laws. This is important because in the race for economic wealth, one must declare the spoils of victory as having been rightfully and righteously obtained and that these spoils must be “conserved” lest the distance between the victors and the victims start to close of the gap.

    The republican party wants to conserve what has been stolen from generations and to insist that their lead on economic wealth has a stamp of approval. The reason they are what they are today – being morally bankrupt – is that they have developed a paranoid state of mind with the belief that their victims are going to want back what they stole or that their victims may want to close the gap which would mean that the victims would have more power and thus then demand a return of what was stolen.

    This is a story of ill gotten gains. Republicans entire philosophy revolves around a “i/we have it and you dont” scenario. All other people want good and reasonable operating environment in which to grow, thrive, live, enjoy, prosper, and get along. Republicans see this as a powergrab for two reasons. 1 – it’s the close the gap power issue and 2 – republicans have saddled themselves with their thieving ways as an M.O. for going thru life. Meaning… if you have it, they want it.

    Republicans have a moral crises. It WILL NOT CHANGE. They are wired for paranoia – like the israelis who think the palestinians they want to eradicate from the planet are out to get them – and their mindset has adapted to the point that they would rather die than live as equal to others. This is why you see the ultimatums they issue and why they are so willing to destroy the lives of others. They believe that other people who revere life and the living are less likely to forfeit the lives of others and themselves than they are.

    So the next time a republican wants to negotiate anything, remember – it’s his life he is betting against your unwillingness to bet yours.

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