NRA digs in against gun control, or anything sane at all

The NRA isn’t having any of this “sanity” on gun control …

Not now … not ever. Nothing.

Can we stop talking to them now and move on past the gun industry lobbyists?

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One Response to NRA digs in against gun control, or anything sane at all

  1. joe common says:

    The argument the NRA makes about guns is devoid of any consideration of people at all – it’s as if guns exist all by themselves and have absolutely no change when mixed with people. This argument is a “non people centric” argument. For that matter you could say the same of sarin gas. You could say “sarin gas doesnt kill people, people kill people – albeit with sarin gas.” And by the same token, one might also say that having showers filled with cyanide and ovens on the ready is just fine. In fact, a stretch more, you can even force people into the showers and that’s ok as long as you don’t turn on the gas.

    The counter to this is that you have all the ingredients to kill people, you just need to turn on the gas, what else would you do. Unenlightened people will say that it is a matter of degrees. That somehow you can simply break up the pieces – separatte them by distance – and it changes “everything”. Therein is the lie – it doesnt change “everything”. It only changes something, distance and time. What it doesn’t change is the meaning in human relationships which is the point of view from which we all live if and only if you believe that PEOPLE COME FIRST.

    People are affected different ways by different things. But no matter how you slice it, we are all given to stimulation. We set up our living environment, our sandbox, and we play in it. And for everything in our sandbox at our disposal we will find a use for, good or bad.

    If we were to ban all guns, one could not shoot anyone. You may also say that you could not defend yourself. From what? The theory is that a gun is the balance of power against surprise attacks and overwhelming force – a way to level the playing field in a conflict. OK. But in our sandbox, why should it be also anything but a defensive weapon? And that is the argument to be made – to take the “offensive” out of the gun problem because that argument includes the people ingredient from a people first perspective.

    How do you take the offensive out of gun ‘having’ aka ownership or command&control. This answer is quite simple. It’s like the cigarette problem or the alcohol problem. You can have them, just don’t push them. The same can apply to guns. As a defensive weapon, you can put it in your home, lock it up from children, and let it be. Then you can get on about your life. But to “cater” to our sandbox playmates who have power issues and tempatation issues, you don’t want to be offering them offensive weapons to work their evil ways on others.

    It really is that simple. But the greedy thieving reckless evil minded gun makers like to play with fire “AT OUR EXPENSE”. That is wrong, it’s evil, and should not be tolerated. Were i president – those types would be in prison for a whole lot of relationship charges nuch larger than spousal abuse – they abuse everyone.

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