What is wrong with these people?


Really, NRA?

So what happens when we find out the next crazed spree killer practiced his marksmanship on this thing? Can the families of the dead sue the NRA? I mean, they threaten to sue over complete horse puckey, so why not sue them over something real?

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2 Responses to What is wrong with these people?

  1. joe common says:

    i will say it again…. defense is one thing, PROMOTION IS ANOTHER. That the NRA is “pushing” for sales on behalf of gun makers etc, is akin to the fraud cigarette makers & alcohol pushers that contributed to so many deaths of the innocent by abusers of the products they make.

    a CLASS ACTION would be nice to see. Product liability, contributory negligence, and anything else.

  2. David Eller says:

    Really? One thing for a fact we could use fewer of is bleeding heart liberals that feel they know what is best for everyone. Get it through your thick skulls that what you have is simply an opinion and nothing more. Our Constitution defines our right to not only keep and bear arms but to bitch and moan at each other as well. But that’s where it ends, so stop trying to jam your opinion down our throats and turn our lives into some bubble wrapped shipping container where we don’t have to worry about someone smoking, having a beer or, God forbid, owning a gun. Pound sand and leave everyone alone and an amazing thing will happen, you will be left alone.

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